Idea for diſco-egg boſs

I had an idea for a diſco-egg boſs: a boſs baſed on the giant eggs found throughout the ſeries (there were a few in CI2, CI3 of courſe had the Yolk Star, &c.), but mirrored, cauſing light-baſed weapons (like the photon ſwarm, the laſer cannon, the hypergun, the plaſma rifle, and a few others are debatable) to reflect off, in a downward direction if they hit the bottom in the middle, or off to the ſide according to the curvature of the egg.
The main weapon (ſimilar to those things emitted by the armoured chickens and earlier giant eggs) ſhould force the player directly under the egg and occaſionally ſhoot a ſtream directly at the player, and at the beginning (like 1%) it ſhould tempt the player with preſents correſponding to the weapons that are juſt reflected, potentially killing the player.
The mirrored coating ſhould break off in ſmall chunks, whoſe damage is conſidered independent from that of the egg, and the player can then ſhoot at the egg through the gaps, although the neceſſity of this ſhould not be communicated to the player. The coating ſhould receive no damage whatſoëver from the reflected weapons, and ſhould have a weakneſs for the microgun, vulcan chaingun, riddler, boron railgun, and any other rapidly firing ſolid weapon.
Thus, if a player is ſtuck with no miſſiles, no ſatellites, and the laſer cannon, the only way to put a hole in the mirror is to craſh into it, which ſhould be enough to ſhatter a ſmall hole at leaſt. As to damaging the actual egg, high energy weapons like the hypergun, plaſma rifle, lightning fryer, and the neutron gun ſhould be the moſt effective.

As for the graphics of the egg, it ſhould be like the previous giant egg boſſes, but with the lower half painted ſilver.

I think the ſtrengths ſhould be 40k for each ſpot of removed ſilvering, and 175k for the egg, but craſhing into the ſilver coating ſhould put a hole in it. Juſt to clarify, not all the coating needs to be removed to defeat the egg, juſt a hole the player can ſhoot through. Obviouſly the player could fail to ſhoot at the gap, but then they would juſt end up putting another hole in the mirror. Thus, eventually they would beat the egg; it would juſt take longer. I ſuſpect, though, that the average player is more likely to ſhoot through the hole either due to the diſcovery that weapons are not reflected by the non-ſilvered part, or due to pſycology.

Anyway, that’s my idea. Tell me what you guys think, and if there’s anyone out there who has the time, energy, and equipment to make a picture of this, pleaſe do! Alſo, if ſomeone could come up with a better name for it, 'cuz it’s 2 am at the time and place of writing, and the only name I could think of is ſomewhat cringe-inducing…


I don’t think that forcing the player to kill themselves if they don’t have the right equipment for it would be a good idea.


Sounds good! That’s ſomething that can be changed, perhaps by having reflected weapons be a lot leſs effective than others, while not beïng completely uſeleſs.