Weapon Suggestion (Revamp) - Krypton Phaser

A while back I made a post in which I proposed two new weapons. One of them wasn’t liked much because it was deemed too similar to Vulcan Chaingun and Boron Railgun. So I decided to rework the weapon and try to make it a bit better.

So what’s changed: The firing pattern was changed so that the weapon now has a higher DPS with a lower fire rate. On :zap:0-5 the weapon uses the rear weapon pods, alternating between left and right with every shot. After :zap:5 it also fires the opposite side front weapon pod, so it fires two shots at once.

The fire rate should be between around 2 and 4 (maybe 5) shots per second, with the fire rate increasing with the power level. The overheat rate should be medium - low-ish.
Here’s the values I came up with, lemme know what you think about them (I think the lower :zap: levels should be buffed a bit but I can’t be bothered to do that rn).

:zap:0: 400 (200)@2/s
:zap:1: 880 (400)@2,2/s
:zap:2: 1440 (600)@2,4/s
:zap:3: 1820 (700)@2,6/s
:zap:4: 2240 (800)@2,8/s
:zap:5: 2700 (900)@3/s
:zap:6: 3300 (500x2)@3,3/s
:zap:7: 3850 (550x2)@3,5/s
:zap:8: 4320 (600x2)@3,6/s
:zap:9: 4940 (650x2)@3,8/s
:zap:10: 6000 (750x2)@4/s

:zap:20: 8000 (1000x2)@4/s

The first value is the damage per second, the value in brackets is the damage per hit (times the amount of projectiles fired at once) and the last value is the rate of fire.

The projectile was also redesigned and the firing sound edited.



Firing sound: