Weapon suggestion: Original and Flash Ion Blaster

A while back I came across a discussion talking about combining the 3 different versions of the Ion Blaster into one weapon. I thought this’d be too much of a change, so instead I proposed that the Original and Flash versions of the weapon be made unlockables. So I decided to redesign them.

This is a revision of the original post, based on CIU weapon balance program - Part 1: Ion Blaster. The power levels were rebalanced to exactly match the raw damage potential that the Ion Blaster would have if these changes were implemented (and also to remove the unnecessary :zap:11 upgrade that I originally added).

The Original Ion Blaster from Chicken Invaders

The Ion Blaster in the original Chicken Invaders had one particular property that the current Ion Blaster does not have. At :zap:6 and 7 the sidemost projectiles are spread out much further than the rest.
This was also the case in CI2 on :zap:20.

The main point behind this version is that, due to the side projectiles being fired at a wider angle, it has more spread than the standard Ion Blaster.

One of the changes that @1galbatorix1 proposed was to replace the dual projectiles of the Ion Blaster with two single projectiles close to eachother. Since the Ion Blaster in CI1 only fired single projectiles, this version probably shouldn’t have any of the projectiles grouped together at all, and instead be more uniformly spread (the only reason I didn’t do this on the image above was because I couldn’t be bothered to do all the copy-pasting) to better recreate the original’s looks.

The yellow Ion Blaster from the flash version of Revenge of the Yolk

Unlike the previous version, this one is more focused than the standard Ion Blaster. Projectiles are fired in groups of up to three which, apart from the color, is the main aesthetic difference between it and the standard version.
Also, unlike the Original Ion Blaster, the projectiles of the Flash Ion Blaster should be clearly divided up into groups of two and three projectiles, since the triple projectile is one of the things that made the Ion Blaster in the flash version more unique.

And now, poll time.

If these two variants of the Ion Blaster (or any other modifications of any other weapon) are to be added in this form, how should they work?

  • They should be added as mods that can be applied to a mission slot or hardpoint.
  • They should be added as separate weapons.

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Just a question about the original version…since the one in ci1 could be fired at an extremely fast rate(I was able to shoot at least 11 times per second(with manual fire ofc),and it can probably go even further. Presumably up to 20 shots per second),does that mean that the CIU version of the first ion blaster can also be fired so quickly,or does it fire as quickly as it does in other ci games?

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I’d say it should have the same fire rate as the one in the later games.


The CI1 Ion Blaster never had double projectiles, so this would feel a bit weird.


Perhaps, but I had to come up with something to close the power level gap and I was getting tired of copy pasting for today ¯\ _ (ツ) _ /¯
Besides it’d still carry over most of it’s differences so I don’t really think this would be a big deal.

I never cared about this almost useless weapon, that is good only on bosses like the egg cannon, the henterprise and on rookie mode in the begining. Call me crazy but I prefer the positron stream.
This weapon is good only in CI1 and CI2. That’s my opinion.

It’s still decent for early chapters. And personally,I’d say that positron stream is the second worst weapon in the entire game.

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This. While Positron Stream is one of the best weapons at low power, at :zap:20 it’s only slightly better than Vulcan Chaingun. Also, Ion Blaster has a much higher damage per second than Positron Stream (when using manual fire) but it’s not that noticeable because it’s damage is spread out over a larger area.

Yes,I tested it,which is why I’m saying that it’s the second worst weapon. It performs worse than everything else other than vulcan chaingun. Ions,on the other hand,performed decently. Sure,they’re not the best,but they’re certainly better than positron stream.

You’re crazy.
The poſitron ſtream’s effectiveneſs is derived mainly from the placebo effect.

My favourite as a general uſe weapon is the utenſil poker; it has ſpread yet alſo a concentrated center, it delivers a high damage, it’s good at moving things like the feathers in CI5, it ſeems to have no maximum fire rate when firing manually (unlike the corn ſhotgun), it is nigh on impoſſible to overheat (firing manually), and it alſo has the bonus of making an incredible ſound when fired.

Barring that, I like the ion blaſter and photon ſwarm depending on what I’m doïng. I don’t really like the continuöus damage weapons, as I can ſhoot faſt enough manuälly that they’re not really worth the downſides.

No maximum fire rate? Lol,that’s funny. Every weapon except for riddler and corn shotgun have the exact same maximum rate of fire,which is 6.5 shots per second(manual fire rate). This includes the Utensil Poker. Riddler can shoot up to 20 times per second with manual fire,while corn shotgun can shoot up to 4.4 times per second with manual fire. In online multiplayer,this changes to 5.0 shots per second for every weapon except corn shotgun which remains the same

Go figure. I juſt don’t fire ſignificantly faſter than that ſo I’ve never noticed. I did realize that moſt weapons could fire as quickly as I could preſs the trigger though. How did you find out about the maximum?

I didn’t,a person called sophodot did it. I only noticed that there definitely is a max firing rate,since I just love spamming the fire button,so eventually I got used to it,and after enough practice,I was able to fire about 10 times per second for a good amount of time without getting tired,and while using the weapons in Ci,I just noticed that the weapons didn’t really fire as quickly as I was pressing the fire button

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better @InterAction_studios should add bullet color custom

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Bump: This topic kinda got revived in the latest Early Access thread. Because this post was created before the 14 day rule was implemented, it didn’t get locked and I was able to edit it instead of having to create an entirely new post.

I remade the power levels and added a poll to determine how exactly these weapons should function as items.