My first boss idea for C.I.Universe

This is my first boss idea that i have ever created (and suggested) for a game: Recluit 319,The Rebel.

Who he is: This boss is a baddas version of our hero’s spaceship, a ex Hero that helps the chickens!

Health and resistance: the boss has 500 000/50 00 HP and He receve halved damage by all our weapons.

How he fight?
This boss has only one attack: he use a blue version (with increased bullet spread) of the iron smasher 10 power.
He moves really fast!
After he recive 20% of damage he deploy 4/3/2 (I didn’t decided the number yet) laser satellites that works like Yolk Star’s laser cannons.
When he reach 50% of his health he move to the center of the screen and launch (only this time) a red shokwave (I wrote correctly This world?), like the chick vader’s.
And during the all the fight terminator chickens are spawned every 3 seconds with a maximum of 6/8.
If you want to suggest another attack please suggest in the comments.

Why I want this on the game?
I think that this is a challenging boss and has a good concept that no one suggested.

What do you think? Is a good idea?Do you want to and something on it? Please if you read all This post legava a comment with your toughts.


Nice idea, though it’s a bit too powerful. This thing effectively has as much health as the Egg Cannon, crammed into a small, nimble package. The amount of terminator chickens that get spawned is also too much.

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The egg cannon hadn’t one million of health or i was wrong? By the way I think that bosses in this game need to be more powerful that ther “partners” in the past games. Some of them are too easy!
Universe will be multiplayer so… I immagined a challenging boss for more players at once.

{ If Rebel has a bigger spaceship, like 1.5/1.7 times bigger model, than the player’s… do you think it could be easier and balanced? (We have to remember that the screen can zoom out) }

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It does have 1 million health, just like the Henterprise. Also you need to remember that Universe doesn’t have the kind of multiplayer we had in past episodes. iA already stated that.

And, uh, maybe that would help.

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I didn’t know the multiplayer fact…Thanks

Thats so nice man, a evil chicken Hero M-404 PI ( or its called something like C-202 PI)? I hope this will be in the game.