Some ideas from NPCS for CIU

Hello, as the title says I have some ideas on this topic.

Alien Container:

This can travel across the map from one side to another or have some trajectory. Once found, 2 things can happen:

1.When you find it you can give us the option to open it (this will be a button) and give us the reward (this can be: a quantity of key, some satellite, coins [for the score], food, some object for the ship or some weapon, some special weapon, etc)

2.When you find it you must pass a level as a kind of challenge to open that container that will give us some of the above mentioned rewards.


What does it mean by this, in my opinion it would be great in the city of the planetary egg orbiting a sun trying to “disperse” the planet, or see the yolk star behind a shining sun (as it appeared in CI3), or see to the henterprice and the egg cannon come to destroy a planet. Even see squads of enemies and go to face them (this also goes for the aforementioned bosses), this will have their rencompensas in keys and score.

Finally I hope you like my idea and this well explained.


this is a great idea

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Do you know what elſe is a great idea?

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thanks man

I was talking to danielb1.

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