My ideas for CIU

General Ideas

Idea 1: Little Yolks

  • Like the yolk star but much smaller
  • Usually drops out of eggs
  • About 500-1000 health on chapter 1.
  • Yellowish, small explosion upon death

Idea 2: veggie cannon

  • Like the chick gatling gun, but it throws vegetables instead of eggs at you
  • Vegetables are much faster than eggs

idea 3: UFO boss fight

  • Red laser beam that kills the player
  • Green laser beam: when the player is inside of it, the player gets moved up very quickly, move to the left or right quickly to prevent crashing into the UFO (=abduction)
  • Occasionally releases UFO chickens

idea 4: Darkness Keeper

  • Darkens everything except UI elements and the hero’s spaceship
  • When killed, the darkness effect goes away
  • Max. 1 on screen at once

idea 5: Builder Drone

  • Regularily builds barriers
  • Barriers award 1 point each
  • Goes from either from right to left or from left to right
  • When out of screen, it changes direction and goes up or down a little
  • Repeats that about 5 times
  • It basically builds protection for the chickens

idea 6: Egg Drones LV2

  • Shoot in 3 directions
  • Same fire rate and behavior as the normal Egg Drones

idea 6: teleporters

  • Player and enemies can use it freely
  • disappears when wave ends

New Weapons


  • Shoots a fountain of Nails
  • Nails do little damage because they’re quite numerous
  • If firepower increases:
    • Nails move up faster, resulting in a higher fountain
    • More nails are being shot each second, resulting in a higher fire rate and therefore higher damage per second
  • Please note that the “fountain” should be much higher than shown in this picture

New Satellites

Force Field

  • Pushes enemies away
  • Doesn’t do any damage
  • Enemies return to their original position (?)
  • Force field closes after a few seconds
  • 3 uses

Black Hole

  • Sucks enemies into a black hole
  • Also doesn’t do any damage
  • Active for a few seconds
  • Enemies return to their original position (?)
  • 2 uses

Giant Fork

  • Launch a giant fork that sticks on an enemy
  • Deals 10000-20000 (?) damage over 10 seconds (=1000-2000 damage per second)
  • 5 uses


some simple wave templates

Other Things

Profile Pages

  • Requires Chicken Hunter license
  • Stay in connection with other players
  • Mood/status message
  • Let other players see the amount of keys and unlockables unlocked and how your spaceship looks like

i might add ideas or change existing ones based on your suggestions


Your ideas is not bad

Idk about the others, but Darkness Keeper is awesome idea

These ideas are perfect…exactly i liked the final one Profile Pages


Woah! that its good! i must say!

The black hole satelite is a great idea.Maybe if one player uses it on the chickens the chickens sucked into the black hole could get randomly teleported somewhere.It would be so funny to use the satelite some chicken then the player end up encountering those same chickens again somewhere else.

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Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it might get too chaotic… i would just use the satellite to concentrate many enemies on one spot and shoot them easier.

Also, should the giant fork do more damage? 10000 damage sounds like much, but actually it's as much as 5 shots with a neutron gun at power 20

These ideas is awesome! The little yolks, teleporters, builder drones, egg drones LV2, and darkness chickens should be added!

Your ideas are fantastics!
Those are the best ideas i have ever seen in the last 2 weeks!
By the way I have to say 2 little things…

This was alrady been suggested by Someone else And you used his picture to show your idea.

In universe there will be no unlockables, you will buy the various items and extras in stores scattered throughout the galaxy and… I think that a similar thing is already planned, univese will be an MMO: it will have 100% a Player profile

P.s I am a huge fun of Yolk star… i gave you like only for the Little Yolks (why no one has ever suggested them?)

Can you find provide a link for where this was ſuggeſted? I’ve read all the topics, and I don’t recall ſeeing this in an earliër poſt. @Orandza’s Lights Out mode is from juſt 10 days ago, and @AndrijaIzDubica’s boſs The Darkneſs is from 7 days ago.

Your ideas is Perfect.

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I was referring to those two ideas.

as for the photo … that was used as a comment by the same usear that crated this post. I never check the names and then I was wrong. my fault.
however I remain of the idea that a blackout mode does not marry well (theorically) with the game.
I apologize with cook1ee you are not a content stealer but a good content suggestor!

well… if the chicken teleports directly at you… you might have a problem

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Dont bump old topics please!