THANOS but in Chicken Invaders Universe


=> Every -20%, Hen Titan lose his Infinity Egg
Infinity Eggs

  • Egg of orientations and teleportations:
    Every 20 seconds, it rotate your spaceship.
    Spawn UFO Chicks and Metal Chickens
  • Egg of reality
    Fake Bonus (Masked eggs)
  • Egg of Mind
    AIM 100%
    Lasers from this Egg
  • Egg of Power
    Very Big and Very Fast Eggs, Lasers, Ligthning
  • Egg of Time
    It can heal Hen Titan because he goes back in time
  • Egg of Soul
    ======= Secret =======


Collection of ideas liked by InterAction Studios

Now, THIS is epic.


Actually the battle idea is cool
Very different from all of the big chicks battles
Better name: Thenos


Thanos chick memes incoming


You are freaking genius.


“You should have gone for the head.” SNAPS FEATHERS


Super-Egg’s Battlesuit…

There are 6 eggs.


“I don’t feel so good” - Hero


and when you defeat it, you retrieve the egg of soul and rescue all the recruits who got snapped out


or we could make an online event where we have to fight against Chickos (chicken thanos) where he has 10000000000 health and 20 players and every 2 minuets, he snaps his beak removing half of us in the game and put on spectator mode. when we win, we retrieve the egg of soul and bring back all the recruits


Thenos is better.


yeah it is


You better like Stardrone’s post.