The satellites of doom

Now i will present 2 of my satellite ideas. The first one is called: Paradoxical lamp. Here it is:

Description: This satelite represents a pan-like lamp but in weird disain. When you pick it up, you will be able to activate it as well as a barbecue satellite. This satellite does not have much range, but if chicken comes out in front of the yellow light will be killed instantly. His ammo can be used for 20 seconds. Its not very important for battle, but for defend is great especially when chickens want to come to you.

The next satellite is called flaming pipe idk about better name right now, here is it:

This satellite have 6 ammo. It deal 350 when (if its low correct me) damage at every fire ball and after reached chickens or bosses, the fire ball plopped and burns the enemies for 3 seconds. The burns deal 100 damage for all the 3 seconds.

That’s it, i hope you enjoy.


A question for the first satellite: what would it do to bosses?

Its defend satelite. If the boss is big chicken and he comes into the satelite he will lose 5% of his health, but can kill the normal chickens instantly, it works only on chickens, not on spaceships like U.C.O, Metal eggs and things like that.


wow i really like the Paradoxical lamp satellite idea

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