Ice Blaster (Another idea)

Ice Blaster

A another idea, which is a weapon, small ice cube can freeze chicks, and chickens can freeze too by shooting twice, big ice cube can freeze chickens except chickenaut and bosses, and it has 30% less of overheat (I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense), when power is reached 10 :zap:, it can freeze chickenaut by shooting three times and deals 50 damage, when power is 20 :zap:, it can freeze chickenaut instantly and deals 100 damage, bosses cannot freeze
The gift’s color is Light blue and green
Ice Blaster (:zap: 1)
Ice Blaster (:zap: 2)
Ice Blaster (:zap: 10)
Ice Blaster (:zap: 20)
Ice Blaster Gift


I think it is unbalanced.

I like this idea.

Yeah, I am sure you do… With bumping a 7 months old topic

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This hurted even me lol.

So many bumper on this week lol

7 months? epic

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Portal 2, I like it!