Boss idea: Robotic Spider boss(I can't come up with name)

Hello there!
Today one spider spooked me and I thought about ability to kill spiders in-game! (Just joking). So I imagine a boss that looks a bit from Space Crab family, but spider.

As you can see, it had 8 2-part legs with thrusters on joints. On the body there are 4 lights that displays health:

[* * * *] - 100%
[* ° ° °] - 40%
[• ° ° °] Blinking red - below 20%

Fast attack: Dotted line. After 2 seconds he will quickly direct his legs in this direction

Fast attack

Flying attack: he will turn on his thrusters and start to fly around to kill you (not so dangerous attack)

Flying attack

Slowing: He will throw a web at you from gun so you will move slower (At 60% health)


And the final one (At this moment): Shooting something like big ion blaster at player(no photo).


I hope this will not bump this topic

So, I was looking into my folder with different pictures and noticed undeleted leg part in the left of some pictures of RSB. This could be another attack: Throwing. He will shoot with parts of his legs 50/50 directly to player or throw them off screen. If he trows them off screen, they will return after some time from screen sides, like those yellow things Egg Canon shoot at the end, but a lot faster with short dotted line display. Sorry if edit bumped this topic.

Suggest your ideas to improve this bacchanalia.


I just noticed that dank chicken inside of it

I like this boss but is very similar to ucos and space crab

Why not? There are 4 of them.

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Exactly. We already have a lot of them!

Humpty Dumpty boss then?



That would actuälly be cool: a giant egg “on” a wall of metal barricades. When the barricades are ſhot out from under it, the egg falls and cracks at the bottom of the ſcreen, and you then have to fight the yolk, which moves around. Of courſe, attacks would have to be added (I think they ſhould moſtly be traditional projectiles like in CI3, maybe with chickens appearing from offscreen too- there needs to be enough variëty to keep the player occupied), but it’s not altogether a bad idea.

Of courſe, this all goes with the “egg” anſwer to the riddle.

@VerMishelb This is crazy man!

I love this type bosses. At least they are increasing variants. Pretty cool.