Something popped up in my head

Hello! Recently, I was thinking about some ideas for CIU, and got one: frost planets!

What are frost planets? Frost planets are a type of planets, just like the electric and hot ones.

What is needed to orbit them? A Frost Shield.
“The Frost Shield will make sure you are safe when orbiting frost planets, so your engine doesn’t freeze, and you don’t get a cold. And not end up a floating iceberg in space.”

Visual effect? A little frosty background and some chilly wind. And a few snowflakes, just in case.

I hope you like my idea!

  • Great Idea, I’d love to see this in the game!
  • Nice, I like it.
  • Neutral, I don’t care.
  • Is a bad idea, I don’t like it.
  • Is terrible!
  • I like the idea, but I’d like to change/add something.
  • I don’t like the idea, I’d like to change/add something.

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Actually, frost planet are in game call is Frozen wasteland


Yeah,but it’s like any other planet. He was talking about actual frost types that would be just like hot and electric planets,but with different effects and a different shield requirement.

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I think he want add background vfx in frost planet like Eta Astropelecae: Artifact Recovery Mission ?


it’s already cold in space so in order for a planet temperature to be colder than the surrounded space, it must have an atmosphere, therefore entering frost planet’s orbit only won’t be affected by its temperature, so your idea only suitable if IA gonna add planet atmospheric exploration which is not easy at the moment

A planet where all missions have a “christmas edition” style, interesting.

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306K temeperature for Frozen wasteland planet inst too much? Even the most hottest plane ever exist for now have only over 6K temperature. IA should make a real temperatures, for the stars is posible but for the planets its not. This is unhumane.

yeah, 32 degree Celsius is not even that “cold” to be called Frozen

This could be a great idea! We already have hot planets, so why not extremely cold planets? (Like Eta Astropelecae in CI5, or possibly even colder)

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