Weapon concept - feather spreader


Welcome friends!
There has been a big drama lately, so I could not publish my concept, but the drama is starting to fade, so I can finally publish my concept.
I present to you a weapon named …
FEATHER SPREADER (btw thanks @Orandza for helping me with a name [[ill buy you a beer]])

andddddd … it will shoot feathers. Simple is it not?
But seriously, the weapon will release fresh feathers straight from the Yolkon-7 mine.
The weapon will deal medium damage, and it will overheat a little faster.
I did not make a gift concept (because I do not know if this game will have them at all lol) but if it will have it then it’ll have a white and gray color.
That’s it for today.
I am sending a poor quality photo (as always) down below.
To hear!


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Nice! I like the idea! :smiley:


Yeah me too!!!


i need that weapon men


Pretty good idea,dude.


Guys, learn to uſe the “like” button inſtead of cluttering up the forum with unneceſſary poſts.


(this is not 20 letters or more)


The United Hero Force seems to be utilizing enemy weapons to use it against chickens themselves :sweat_smile:. Nice idea, I guess.


Not bad, but there’s a little problem: the weapon’s projectiles are bigger than the hitbox.


This was just a concept. And I made this pretty quick,so I could forgot.


It could be like a shoutgun, and would be much better through…