Time Flow Mission Modifier

Hey guys,

Some time ago I mentioned frenetic mode: New Difficulty/Gamemode: Frenetic Mode

I just expanded on the idea a bit and thought about Time Flow as a mission modifier (like skill levels). They change the global game speed in a mission (literally everything is faster: rate of fire, enemies spawn and fire/attack rate, projectile and pickups speed, gravity is doubled, how fast wave texts blend in etc. etc.)

I’ll show you them now:

Slug 80% Speed 75% Score


Normal 100% Speed 100% Score  (default)


Fast 120% Speed 110% Score


Hectic 150% Speed 125% Score


Rush 180% Speed 140% Score


Frenetic 200% Speed 160% Score


Score Bonus is compounding with all score bonuses (it is a multiplier after all bonuses have been added)

Key drop rate won’t be increased. But since the game runs at 200% speed, key rate will technically be doubled :smile:

This is how the loadout selection screen could look like:


Amazing and well explained idea. I hope it will be added. It’s like legal speedhack (not that speedhack is illegal) built in the game. Good job!


I don’t know if the score values are ok like this, they should be subject to be tweaked.

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That’s one of the few great ideas I’ve come across today. Extra points for presentation.

Those chickens went crazy lol

Nice idea though


The UHF had finally acquired the “Double Gear” technology.

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