Egg Launcher Idea (Superweapon)

I had an idea of superweapon for CIU. I have an image that comes from CI3 UCO (Unidentificated Chicken Object). This weapon will go to the centre of the screen and will rotate once firing eggs that destroy anything the missiles can destroy. It will take 2 seconds to rotate. This can be used to kill the chickens that come after using the weapon. The eggs, of course will not damage players. The eggs in total will occupate all the secreen.
I’ve made a fanmade project for explaining better.


Erm… It’s not original,at all,and we don’t even know how it’s going to work…

I’ve two queſtions:

  1. In what way is this an idea in any ſenſe of the word and with any ſtretch of the imagination?
  2. @xXmlgDiegoXx, do you actuälly read poſts before liking them?

just imagine something else than it was

Talking about your poſt? I already read and underſtood it.

i dont understand ?.?

What don’t you underſtand?

this: Talking about your poſt? I already read and underſtood it.

Oh, what did you mean here?

like a egg satelite xD

Now I’ve updated the post.

How do you expecting it to plug in a ship :laughing:

I’m pretty ſure this is ſuppoſed to mean ſomething, but I’ve no clue what. Would you pleaſe explain?

Me? I was just kidding…

If there will be more “super weapons” like the rocket or mine, this could be another one.