Chicken invaders universe ideas

I’ll repost all of my ideas for ciu here:
Shield satellite. It should have 3 ammo. When you fire it,a shield will appear in front of your ship,and it will stay in the same place until it gets destroyed. It can block most projectiles,but it can’t block explosions and instant lasers. Enemies also can’t get damaged by the shield.
Here’s what it would look like. It should do the job.(credits to emerald for the design)
It would be an upgrade for your missiles,which you can get for 100 keys.(might need to be changed since I still don’t know how hard/easy it’s going to be to get keys in ciu). Just like the scoring unlockables,it will only have effect in new games. The food requirement for obtaining a nuke would be 75 food items. It will travel the same way a regular missile would. Once it explodes,it will destroy all enemies that are both on-screen and off-screen in the current wave. Also,it will ignore the splash damage resistance some of the enemies have(like barriers,which can only take up to 500 damage from missiles). However,it will also reduce your power level slightly.
Game mode:upgrades.
In this mode,chicks are upgraded to regular chickens,regular chickens are upgraded to mini-military chickens(the chickens that shoot 2 eggs at once),and the mini-military chickens are upgraded to metal-suited chickens(the ones that shoot purple bullets at you). Any already-existing metal-suited chickens have their health increased,but only by 200. Barriers are also upgraded to the next level,while egg barriers would have their health increased by 300.
You would be able to access in the unlockables menu,once you buy it for 100 keys. Just like the scoring unlockables,it only affects new games,and it gives you a score bonus of +10%
Game mode:
Healthy mode. All enemies will now regain some of their health every second(regular chickens would,for example,regain 10 health). However,they can’t regain more health than what they originally had,and the max amount of health an enemy could regain is 50 health. It can be unlocked for 100 keys,and then it can be turned on whenever you want. It only takes effect in new games,and it gives you a 10% score bonus
Game mode:
Calm down! Your weapon will now take 15 seconds to cool down after it overheats and when you fire a missile,you have to wait 5 seconds before you can fire another one. Also,whenever you use a satellite,you’ll also have to wait about 10 seconds before you can use it again. As with my other ideas,you’ll need 100 keys to unlock this,and it only takes effect in new games. It also gives you a score boost of +10%
Game mode:
Direct assault mode. In this mode,a lot of the projectiles will be shot directly towards you(for example,eggs from regular and mini-military chickens,or the chickenauts’ bullets). Also,if a projectile was originally going towards you(like the eggs from UCO chickens),it will instead be able to home into you(though,it’ll disappear after a few seconds). As with other game modes,this one also takes effect only in new games and gives a 10% boost to score.
If I come up with more ideas,I’ll post them here


Here’s another game mode idea(can’t think of a name for it,sorry):
At the start of the game,you get 9 lives,30 firepower,30 missiles and 4 satellites of the same type(it can be whichever type you choose,and it’ll also have 2x as much ammo as it would have normally). You’ll also get to choose your weapon at the beginning. And that’s it. You can’t gain any more missiles,lives,satellites or firepower during the game,and you can’t change your weapon,so you’ll have to make use of the stuff you’re given at the beginning. It gives you a score boost of +10% and it only applies to new games

Update: the game modes should also increase key appearance by 5%,but the score increase would be 7.5%. Also,all of the game modes cost 100 keys


Extra weapon slots:
You can buy an extra weapon slot for 150 keys. You can buy up to 2 of these extra slots. In each slot,you can put a different weapon,and you would be able to switch between them whenever you want. But note that the firepower you pick up only goes to the currently selected weapon.


Your idea is really nice! Would save me from a lot of accidental deaths!


This is similar to how CIU already works. At the beginning of each mission, you select your spaceship’s loadout. This includes starting weapon type (& power, based on upgrades), number & type of missiles, number of lives, special offensive/defensive/scoring power-ups. During the mission it’s not possible to earn more missiles/lives (food is still being collected, which can be sold for missiles after the mission is over). Note that missions in CIU are significantly shorter than previous episodes (10-40 waves currently).

This may change – we’re just describing how the game currently works.


Thats quite different from the other episodes :open_mouth:

About how many weapons will be unlocked when you play for the first time and how many possible weapons can there be?

Yes, there are significant changes to the in-mission aspect of CIU. We’ll go into more detail in one of the upcoming Plan Updates.

You can select and mount your starting weapon before the mission (weapons are purchasable). In-game, a core selection of weapons (6-7) will be available by default, the rest will have a reduced chance of spawning unless you have a corresponding ‘weapon license’ item (in which case they will spawn at regular rates)


So you get a Weapon License if you buy a weapon in the unlockables menu?

No. Weapon licenses control the spawning rate of “gift boxes” in the game.

There is no “unlockables” menu in CIU. Instead, scattered throughout the galaxy are shops that you can buy (using keys) various equipment from. There are weapon shops that sell weapons. Weapons in this sense are regular inventory items that can be mounted on your spaceships.


And shops also sell weapon licenses? Will it be possible to have a certain weapon drop very very often in comparison to others?

Hmm… not sure, maybe? Perhaps by purchasing multiple weapon licenses for that particular weapon? We’re not sure what the point would be, though.

An alternative design we’re thinking about is to have 5-6 license slots, that you fill in with your favourite weapon licenses. ONLY weapons from those licenses will spawn in the game. In that sense, you can choose your own weapon set.

But bear in mind that there’s also a mechanic that aims to equalize weapon usage by penalizing scoring by common weapons and boosting rarely-used ones.


Will it be similar with satellites?

Yes. You buy and mount satellites (provided that you have a spaceship that supports them), and you buy extra ammo packs in advance (ammo packs can also drop in-game).


Does that mean that alien containers are gone?

They’re still there, but given the procedurally-generated nature of the missions, it’s not guaranteed if/when they’ll appear in the game. It’s more effective to pre-load your satellites in advance.


Ah. Thanks for explaining :slight_smile:

Will there still be a maximum of 2 powerups/wave?

Ohhh,so that’s how it’s going to work…good to know!

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Yes, the existing powerup/gift limits per wave are still valid.


I think the weapon penalty/boost is a good idea. It will provide experimantation. I like all the other weapons, they are fun to use, but right now neutron gun and the fork weapon are just too good. I think it can add a risk & reward, for trying bad weapons that nobody uses. Though if all weapons will be equally balanced, it won’t have much impact. Either all weapons should be better or worse, or/and fill in different roles during missions.