A comet chase boss idea

I think that comet chases deserves their own boss like squak blocks do

The boss’s name is “Henlley’s comet” (name based on Halley’s comet) and its appareance resemble a giant comet.

At the very start of the wave the comet will aproach from above…


The boss fight will work like omnidiretional oneslaught: the spaceship will turn around the comet to fight it.



The big comet isn’t alone: during the fight comets will arrive from the bottom of the screen to annoy you!
(Difficulty and skill levels will increase/decrease the number of comets)


The boss will drop 5 keys and 1 atomic powerup after destruction.
Why the powerup? It’s just because I think this boss can appear in boss rushes too!

Music: Remix of Ci3 and the old comet chase theme

Weakness: all the metal-based weapons
Strong aganst: energy based weapons

What do you think? Is this idea any good? (Sorry for bad photoshop)


Yeah, its lame that cool mission like this have the most boring boss battle(the metal egg).


That’s the point of the topic.

Wait… the misterious ship is the only boss in universe?
(Said by an unlucky guy that didn’t find any comet chase in universe yet)

Yeah, its the only boss like the iron chef is the only boss on droid raid mission and so on.

The whole point of weapon groups is that they share the same weaknesses and strengths. If you were to separate utensil from this then it would be moved over to a separate group.

Didn’t know
I will fix it!

(Now someone need to explain me how forks will damage a barren rock in space)

Well, these are pretty damn big forks tbh.

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So… when the boss fight will start the space background will stay in one place or it will move along with our spaceship at max speed?

The hero is chasing the biggest comet of the group
So the background will continue to move


It wouldn’t make sense to stay in a “fixed” section of space if we are chasing a comet

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Congratulations! :+1:

Added to v.17

:medal_military: Idea medal


Finally someting new! I cant wait to see it.

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I can’t wait to face it!

Nice, I wonder if there will be chicken graffiti on the Henlley’s comet

I think that if poſſible the boſs wave ſhould be angled the ſame way as all the others.

Acknowledged, but I don’t think it’s worth the extra code complexity.

Ok. I can juſt tilt my computer in the future. :wink:

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