A couple of tweaks and ideas of mine

Hello. I have some simple ideas that I think would make the game better.

1- Overheating should have a penalty. For example, if you manage to overheat your weapon, it should cool down slower than it would if you didn’t overheat. Maybe at the end screen, there could be a bonus if you didn’t overheat your weapons in the entire mission, and the bonus would get bigger and bigger depending on the length of the mission.

2- I think Utensil Poker is a little bit overpowered. Sure it is a little bit slower, but not that much. It also covers some serious ground and is generally very powerful. That being said, I wouldn’t like to lose this awesome weapon, so I thought maybe there is another way of balancing other than just decreasing its power. So here is my idea: Maybe Utensil Poker should be very powerful only on chickens, but not on harder objects such as UFO’s and asteroids. The “nerf” on harder objects should be noticeable, but not a total dealbreaker either.

3- I have noticed that none of the in game music is looping. So why not play a different random music after one ends?

4- The bosses. I think end game bosses shouldn’t appear mid-mission, just at the very end of them. I don’t think just a generic boss should appear after the Yolk-Star (but maybe there could be missions where all of the bosses are end game bosses). And they also should have their own music, not just the generic boss theme.

5- Boss rush. Like a 5 level mission made up entirely of bosses. That would be awesome!

6- Random space backgrounds. As much as I love the new space background, I think it would be great if it was selected randomly each time a warp happens. So just like how the music changes after a boss, the space background should also change.

These are some of my ideas. Although I think they make a lot of sense, I would love to see what you guys think about them in the comments section. Thanks for reading.

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Utensil Poker was already nerfed by increasing its overheat rate. It’s fine as it is.
Boss rush missions are already in the game.
Also the music does loop, so it must be some sort of an issue on your part.

  1. Coolant Canisters are a thing.
  2. It’s the other weapons that are underpowered. Imagine trying to clear a hard daily with Ion Blaster.
  3. ???
  4. Makes sense.
  5. Not sure if you’re complimenting Boss Rush missions, but they are available in the game right now.
  6. Eh, background changing in the middle of a mission doesn’t seem right to me tbh. An option to equip multiple backgrounds so they can randomize could work maybe.
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I didn’t know Boss rush was a thing. That’s awesome!
I’m pretty sure the music does not loop.

If the final bosses are in the very end, that could made the boss rushes very predictible.


Utensil Poker is not powerful weapon, Neutron Gun is powerful

Utensil Poker outperforms it in terms of DPS.

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