Research lab, medal, trophy and more

+Research lab allow you to research some certain skills that will improve gameplay experience
+You can research anywhere by clicking on the “Research Lab” icon(which I suggest to be a microscope) like you do with the Galaxy Market, or at local Research Lab for cheaper cost
+Researching requires research tokens, which can be obtained by exchanging medals and trophies at the Hero Academy. Researching will take sometimes to be finished and only one can happen at the same time(there may be some skills allow you to do more research at the same time)
+Unique Campaign Trophy depending on skill level: Like in CI5 which Rookie, Veteran and Superstar Hero has unique Campaign Trophy, I think it’s time to bring them back and better Trophy can be exchanged with more tokens, here’s the list:
-Tourist: stone
-Rookie: copper(like CI5)
-Seasoned: aluminium
-Veteran: silver(like CI5)
-Virtuoso: platinum
-Superstar Hero: gold(like CI5)
+More medal:
-Environment Savior: complete a mission without getting overheated once(this one is already been suggested by lots of people)
-Excellent shooter: complete a mission without miss a single shot
-Ultimate Chicken Hunter: kill every single chicken in a mission(including those that are spawned by bosses)
+Skills that are available to research
-Keys skill tree:
_Golden egg: Shining chicken last 50% longer
_Gold magnet: Unlock Key Magnet satellite allow you magnetize keys
_Gold Ninja: Unlock the Gold Ninja spaceship from CI5
_<missing_name>: Your base multiplier is now 350%
-Weapon skill tree:
_<missing_name>: Atomic powerup drop rate increase by 50%
_<missing_name>: All weapon damage increase
_<missing_name>: Unique passive abilities for certain weapons
_<missing_name>: Allow you to upgrade weapon up to level 10
-Food skill tree:
_<missing_name>: Food worth 50% more keys
_<missing_name>: Increase food drop rate by 20%
_<missing_name>: Food last 50% longer
_<missing_name>: Unlock Food Vacumn satellite allow you to suck all food on the screen into your storage
-Other skill tree:
_<missing_name>: Fuel cost 10% less
_<missing_name>: Life cost 10% less
_<missing_name>: Special weapons cost 10% less
_<missing_name>: Your base life is now 3
(I don’t really have many idea for the skills at the moment, will come up with them soon)
EDIT: added more skill ideas to research


Wait, wait! There’s a wrong things in this tokens:
First-Why instead of aluminium you dont replaced with bronze. It will be more acceptapble.
Second-Why you place platinum over silver? The platinum is always over the gold and silver. The Virtuoso difficulty should have gold token and the SSH platinum or diamond token. I dont sure about the first token, but the others you’ve put them wrong.

@Nikito 1st, we’re already have copper and bronze is pretty much just a copper’s alloy
2nd, I’m not sure about platinum trophy for Virtuoso, but in order to keep the originals I put it before gold

True, but it has different characteriſtics. If we’re goïng for elemental metals, might I ſuggeſt ſodiüm? Juſt don’t uſe the trophy as a goblet.

Bump, Suggested more skill ideas to research, feel free to suggest the name

Bumping some old idea so you guys could give some feedbacks

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Sorry don’t kill me but this idea’s great

It seems you’re doing it for fun. I’m sure you know the existence of the little heart in the bottom right corner



what if not?

true answer is yes

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