New boſs idea: inviſaboſs

This is actually a complete idea that I came up with this morning. The boſs is a pretty baſic (i.e. traditional) one that ſhoots the two green laſers from the firſt UCO in CI3 at you, and 1,5 - 2 (whatever works) ſeconds later a ſquiggle ſimilar to thoſe emitted from the flying ſaucers ſquiggles ſtraight down without any warning (other than the fact that it comes juſt after the laſers- as it’s always part of the pattern, players will very quickly learn not to go under the thing at that part of the cycle). 1,5 - 2 ſeconds after this, it ſhoots 8 faſt-moving eggs at you in quick ſucceſſion, and then immediately moves to another part of the ſcreen, where it ſtays for ~3 ſeconds before repeating the attack. The Inviſaboſs ſhould always ſtay in the top ⅗ of the ſcreen. Here’s the catch (and originality): This boſs is completely inviſible, ſo the only way to tell where it is is to ſhoot randomly until you hit ſomething or to look at where the attacks are coming from (the attack are viſible,obviouſly). Since it’s inviſible, at firſt glance it ſeems like it doeſn’t need to be any particular ſhape, but ſince your weapons will give away ſomething about it, I would prepoſe ſomething like this for the underſide:
The green laſer guns ſhould juſt be inviſible verſions of the normal ones, and ſhould ſwivel.
The top half can be made however. I would ſuggeſt like a flying ſaucer.

One nice thing about thiſ boſs is that it doeſn’t really have any requirements for ſtrengths and weakneſſes, or even health. It can be made ſtronger by juſt upping the health and having chickens fly to its aid from off ſcreen. Naturally it’s eaſier to beat either with a weapon with a lot of ſpread (forks, ion blaſter) or one that ſeeks the target (juſt becauſe thoſe help the player find the target), but other than that it can be made to fit wherever.