Chicken Multiplicity as own gamemode/mission type?

Hey guys,

I wonder what it would be like if there were randomly generated chicken multiplicity fights as an own mission type or gamemode. It would be a long fight with 1-3 more layers than the current chicken multiplicity has. Tougher enemies could spawn as well (depends on difficulty). The type of enemies on a certain “layer” is generated randomly.

It could lead to weird stuff like:

Henperors apprentice -> 2UCO’s #3 -> 2 Mother Hen Ships -> 2 Armored Eggship Chickens -> 4 Chickenauts -> 3 Chicks -> 4 Chickens

Chicken Multiplicity is a very interesting concept, what do you think about seeing it varied and randomized throughout the Galaxy?


Very nice idea, but I feel if untested, there are many, many possibilities of extremely dangerous combinations. Something like different UCO types could be devestating, even on zoomed out stages. Part of the fun, or RNG roulette?
(Some very easy combinations could be used for easy keys)

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Yes, multiple UCO’s can be extreme, multiple mysterious eggs too (basically all bosses that shoot without displaying a warning line before they do that). But maybe you could make it so that these bosses can only appear on the first 2 layers.

Ooooh this sounds great!! I love the Chicken Multiplicity boss fight and Multiplicity missions would be so much fun. But yeah, I don’t think the ‘layers’ should be completely random as it could lead to combinations which are impossible to beat. It would require some testing to see which bosses can go together.

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