Ultimate list of ideas by matix524

Edit 1: Certain ideas have been removed from the list due to me not feeling satisfied with the results anymore. I Strongly advice not to look up to them again.

Hey pals!
I finally decided to upload my list that I’ve been makin’ for a couple of months.
This list will contain new weapons, satellites, bosses, and the biggest cherry on my cake : new mission type!
Before I start, I want to tell you, that I’ve been making this list for good over 20 days (or simply 3 weeks). Making ideas, drawing concept arts (especially if you’re not talented) takes a huge amount of time. Plus, I didn’t had time to just do the ideas. I had different things to do. That might also explain my inactivity. But, I finally managed to complete my list.

With that being said, let me throw my creativity at you!

(if any of my ideas sounds familiar to someone’s or it’s identical, please send a URL to their idea)

  1. – WEAPONS –

CYBER RAY PLASMA (i suck at giving names)

Okay, this might be complicated to explain, but i try to. This is a automatic electric weapon (kinda similar to Lighting Fryer) which it’ll deal stronger damage than previously mentioned weapon,shoot green plasma ray, but the rays will act crazy and by that, weapon can take multiple enemies down at once. Weapon will overheat very fast (something like plasma rifle).This might be the first beam weapon without lock-on. Also, the weapon won’t have any range limitations.


This weapon will shoot these weird lines with phosphoric acid (as we know this substance is corrosive) Weapon will be automatic, deal medium damage and it’ll overheat slowly.

Alright, we’re done with weapons! Now, Let’s check out the…

  1. ** – SATELLITES – **


This satellite contains deadly cyanogen chloride locked in a special receptacle. It can wipe the enemy out of existence in few miliseconds.The amount of ammunition for this satellite can bee seen though the installed little window on the front. Well, the thing is Cyanogen Chloride is a transparent gas (yes, thank you @GgWw1175 for letting me know) UHF decided to add a green dye to the receptacles, making it visible. This was for the safety of recruits. Be careful with this thing.


  1. _ E.O.C. (electric orbit cannon) _

This satellite can fire electric orbits that can bounce all over the screen. You get only 3 shots with this thing. Orbs can also pierce through barriers.Deadly to chickens, but also deadly to Recruits. Be careful not to get hit by one of these orbits.


Bye, bye satellites! Now say hi to the…

  1. ** – PLANETS – **

This will be a short part. I only wanted to say about 1 planet type and if planet exploration style (entering the planet missions in CI5, if these missions will be added to CIU at all)

  1. Windy planets

Basically, there will be planets with big storms and strong winds. You’d have to purchase a special always-on equipment (Can’t come with a name for it) in order to approach to them. If mission started, on the main screen from time to time you see a clouds moving fast and strong wind sounds. Player can be moved by a wind in different directions.

  1. Desert looking planet exploraion style

If these missions are going to be added in CIU, then you’d explore a desert looking planet, looking for… something. Sand, Sand and more Sand. That’s all I want to say here.

About time! We’ve reached a cake with a big cherry on it! Which is…


Ok, this is where I go serious. This mission type would be located in Galaxy as metal debris left by Henpire from broken ships, slayed bosses etc, etc… I’d call these places: Henpire Scrapyard. These missions would be avalible from tier 25-37.


Once the mission started, played will be moving with fast speed (screen will be zoomed out). Main objective in these missions is to test your reflex by avoiding metal debris. We may see metal bosses that we’ve slained (space crabs, iron chef) and so little ships (ufos, broken lasers). Ocasionally we can encounter chickenauts, Armored ships, chick gatling gun flying at us. With each wave, screen will zoom in.

(sometimes you may need to destroy barriers in order to continue)

And the space background becomes more red (slowly the player will move with much faster speed and less space to fly with progression). When we are almost at the end of the mission (wave 8/10 or somethin’) player will not have so much space to move. Player is at maximum speed (background is now red "CI 3,4,5 warping background) and bigger debris is coming at us.

When we reach the final wave we’re going to have a battle with special boss created for these missions:

Scrap Monster

This boss looks very rusty and broken (yeah jump to 2119 can ruin a lot of stuff) but it’s still functional. Space background is still moving and red and so the player. Boss uses afterburners to move. Boss won’t be too tough to break it.
It’s attacks are:
-Shooting ultra-fast lasers
-Shooting long laser beams
-It slows down to give the player even less space to move and avoid falling debris
Also, be careful about debris. It still falls down, until we beat the boss and leave the scrapyard at the same time.


And we’ve reached the end of this list. Man, i must say that was fun to do! I hope you really enjoyed taking a look at my ideas. I want to give huge thanks to guys from CI wiki discord server for giving me hope to finish that list. You guys are the best! Also much love to Interaction Studios for making this amazing franchise. You guys made me a gamer and gave me a lot of ideas for your new game. And You. Yes, you, for taking your time for reading this. It means a lot to me.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I’ll try to reply. Just send an DM to me.



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How many Half Life voice lines do you have?


Oh man, finally! I really dig the Scrapyard fly-by mode and the glitch boss.

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As for the weapons, might be better if IA rebalance the existing first.

But for the bosses, planets, and scrapyard mission would be interesting to see. :smile:


I see the bugged chicken and the scrapyard missions in the game.
Very cool concepts


error chicken reminds me of error sans


How to make Error Chicken be fixed: Install Counter-Strike: Source

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Although I feel like there was alſo another similar berry-baſed weapon concept.

There’s not much said about this weapon nor how it’ll work. It’s just said how the weapon gets better with every firepower. Besides, I can see that this post is from suspended user (i still remember what they did). I’m still considering giving the credit though. If I decide, then let’s say I did a little refreshed version of their concept.

What does that have to do with anything? At the time he was a reſpected member of our community.

True, but then again a lot of “ideas” are like that. That being ſaid, credit ſhould be given to him for the vision and to you for actually turning it into something with actual ſpecs that can be implemented.

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So about the second weapon, the plasma ray thing. You mentioned that it’s automatic, electric and kinda similar to Lightning Fryer but you didn’t really make it clear whether or not the weapon has lock-on like other beam weapons.
Also I noticed that on your drawing the rays don’t reach all the way to the top of the picture. Does it have limited range? (I’m asking mainly because I’ve got an idea (a finished concept, actually) for a close-range stream weapon. I could make a topic about it right now but I think I should come up with a name for it first.)
Or am I just looking way too hard into this? lol

Also, cyanogen chloride is colorless. Just saying.


Weapon will not lock-on enemies. It might be the first stream/beam weapon without lock-on. It also won’t have a limited range, although i’ve had in mind to make it close-range, but i rejected that. Why the streams are so short? Quick answer. I drew these sketches in 1024x768 resolution (mostly for satellites and weapons) and i didn’t really had space to draw so much details. Sure, it looks like a close-range weapon, but it’s NOT.

about the cyanogen chloride
i could rename it to toxic gas, simple
I’ve even planned to name it toxic gas receptacle.
You know what? Let it be cyanogen chloride,but someone decided to add the green dye to it, that can mean the activity of it in the atmosphere (is that even possible?)

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Cyanogen chloride is a toxic chemical compound with the formula NCCl. This linear, triatomic pseudohalogen is an easily condensed colorless gas.

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let’s just add a green dye to the receptacles and make it visible lol

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Chemistry-pun im sorry i had to do it


I feel like this is still a bit under discriptive. A lot of projectile spread? Sounds like the red ion weapon concept combined with the usefulness of the photon swarm, even with a small cone of shooting. I may be wrong though, like with all my things.

Sounds intresting, however still seems similar to something like the orange laser cannon, except in hold form. Don’t see much use.

This looks like the same thing as before except in a different design. Unless it is projectile based and not instant, which would make it intresting to use if it for example dealt high damage, but would be quite slow.

Again little actual discription. Seems like the BBQ. However I can see a good difference. 1 The gas stays mostly in place after losing its momentum (assuming), and 2 it does not destroy projectiles. I can see this as a trapping thing were you lay down gas or a riskier more damaging BBQ without the safety.

Sounds nice. Are they piercing however? That’s important.

But what does it actually do? Just shoots projectiles? Or suck in chickens? Otherwise it’s a worse microgun with sounds to watch out for.

I like the detail, but seems low in the attack department. I don’t know how it fits in the game either. Eggs randomly changing speed sounds like a regular prayer to RNGezus will be needed. What is the laser attack? How does it look? Direct? Long, short? I create many of my ideas to try to either draw or describe these things. I can’t comment much here as it looks kinda bland without the decorational fluff. You know, if this guy used like different attacks from different bosses, for example infinity chick lasers, it’s cold in space egg shooting and other stuff, this guy would be quite intresting.

Dead meme

I made a fidget spinner meme so who am I to talk xD

How are the lasers shot? V pattern? One by one? This boss seems basic, but I think we may need some like this, less crazy. I like the spawning thing.

The first attack I kinda don’t get, but if he shot eggs in a spiral, that would be waaay coool duuude! Overall nice I think. (No swag bag plz)

The thing is, power beats wind. And we have spaceships. I think a equipment piece to combat winds is unnecesary. However I also need to see how a windy planet could diffrianciate itself from others. Oh and player being moved in different directions? Sounds like hell, especially without mouse and in tight spaces.

I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. Ekhm. Starwars refrence aside, what is this actually? Just a sandstorm? Sand? Again, how would you notice a planet is a sandy planet and not a normal one? I don’t think sand has the rights to claim the entire yellow spectrum for itself.

Why such specific?

Are they pushable, or only breakable? Do they shoot or not? From which directions can the scrap come from?

Problem: Missions have variable length. How would you go about solving that? Making 4 wave missions extremely ramp up? Make them end without reaching high speeds? What about max diff. missions with minimal length?

So we are zoomed in and bigger things come at us, or its perspective? If some of this is is unpushable, some of these missions could be impossible with 0 power lightning fryer. And that’s no good. Imo any mission is possible with anything as long as the player is perfect.

What patterns? Aimed or random? Give, me, discriptions. Or pictures. If it attacks and moves down, sounds like even harder Mother Ship without the option to escape. So hell. Especially if awful weapons.

I did! I just really like to spew opinions… |:


I like absolutely all ideas!

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If I remember from the movie, it shoot a yellow laser beam. Yeah, I forgot to mention what it’ll shoot.

It looks broken. Jokes aside, the laser attacks would go crazy (be direct, short, long, confusing, weird, odd, not explainable, out of bounce, red, glitched out.) Got it?

what about lawyer chicken or chicken in dress suit ? which one sounds better

Well, it’s one by one.

Yes. That’s what I meant.

It’s not a mission without a danger and adrenaline.

I got inspired by AC: Origins. And uh… idk… if the planet is yellow it has sand??? (lol)

Idk. Ok, that was random actually.

Both. And no. They don’t shoot because they’re broken.

Okay, this question is kinda hard. Minimal length for these missions would be 8-10 waves. Well, the mission will end, if we kill a boss and during this boss fight we ARE at MAX speed. Like I said, minimal length for these missions would be 8-10 waves.

Yeah when we are zoomed in , the bigger debris come at us. Something like in CI3 chapter 5. We encounter bigger comets, and with progression, comets are becoming smaller.

Aimed, of course. And don’t worry. When the boss slows down, it WON’T shoot lasers. You just have to avoid debris.

Opinions are important. They show how much do you like or dislike someone’s art, music, movie, etc,etc…
I’m happy that you enjoyed my ideas. It means a lot.

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