On the subject of spaceship customisation: Part 2

This is a part two of my thread regarding customisation.

I’ll start off with the new customisation options. After that, I’ll move onto adding more color options and some other stuff.

  1. Shield types
    I think we should get more types of shields. We currently have the CI3 one and it’d be nice if we got the other two and perhaps some new ones as well.
    Shield_CI4 Shield_CI5

  1. In-mission HUD customisation.
    This includes customising the base color of the HUD, the color of the progress bar as well as the overheat indicator and the destruction meter.

The player would be able to set the overheat indicator and the destruction meter to either a solid color or a 2 to 5 color gradient. If using multiple sprites isn’t a big deal, then it could be done with several layers with some of the bars being slightly transparent.


A slight outline should be added to the indicator sections to prevent the colors from blending together in case they match up perfectly with the base color.

It’d also be pretty useful to have the ability to preview shields and HUD in the customisation menu.

And now for colors:

  • A pure black option should be added for the shine
  • The greyscale spectrum (including pure black) should be added for the shield
  • The wingstreak doesn’t have a lot of color options right now. I’d suggest adding every missing color that is present in engine customisation to the wingstreak (again, also including pure black)

Engine stuff:
I think the engine flame from CI3 should be added in. It has a different shape and is way thinner than the default flame so I’d say it’s probably different enough.
dgasdgasfdgh dgasdgasfdgh2

It’d also be nice to get opacity settings for inner and outer engine.

I’d also like to once again ask you to make the Mine Bombs’ color mach the inner and outer engine (with the chargeup taking the inner engine color and the explosion taking the outer engine color). Since you changed its colors in Cluck of the Dark Side and Universe, I figure you could throw this in as well.

@InterAction_studios Now, I’d also like ask one more question (especially since it’d probably increase the number of necessary sprites by quite a bit).

Are there any chances for different details dependant on the exact model of the ship? Like, for example, removing the central exhaust from H&C 301 and M408.

I know that all ships from the same family are meant to look the same but I think there should be some slight differences.
For example, the M400 could be made to look more like the CI3 M404-PI with smooth weapon pods and sharp tail wing edges.


The problem with spacecraft families is that they all use the same base (textureless, cockpitless model).

If you want the models to have different features on them, you’d have to recreate the base texture for each model, and each paintjob pattern, depending on what was changed (adding another 2-5 MB set of textures).


Some of this was added to v.18

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@InterAction_studios I have a question, is it possible to replace the color selection with a HSV color wheel? This way colors could be more fine-tuned and I don’t really see a reason to limit them to about 48.


I thought it’s already suggested. Color is in HEX so it’s possible.


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Added to v.48 :medal_sports: Idea


Added to v.112 :medal_sports: Idea