Bunch of my ideas after longer play

Alright so basically my big hype kinda calmed down so I can write some reasonable things.

  1. Soundtrack is great. That can be also because I’m using new sound card (Creative SoundBlasterX G1 virtual 7.1) and playing with headphones. I must finish other games again on that setup. Anyway I noticed that sounds are divided into 2 halves of screen: left and right. Soundtrack isn’t and that’s great. BUT you know what? It would be amazing with 7.1 system. The center of surround system would be of course in center of the screen and the sounds would would go to specific speakers when the sound happens on specific part of screen. Anybody that wants to try virtual surround 7.1 I recommend Razer Surround because as far as I am concerned it works without needing to buy anything.

  2. Speaking of sound I think that it would be good if our movements had sound of engine. Right now it’s dead silent and I know that in space there’s no sound but let’s be honest. This series wasn’t trying to be realistic ever

  3. Chicken Invaders and F.lux issue. Well… that’s not really an idea, but I would suggest to bring support for F.lux software which is really helpful for eyes and sleep. For some reason CI games when in full-screen disable F.lux which is weird because they must somehow override it or something like that. I can play in window that’s not a big problem, but it looks amazing on my practically new FHD monitor and I absolutely love it.

  4. Speaking of lovely graphics. I love that background. For me the best one was in CI5 (I even planned getting it for my bank card) and I love it even now, but this feels kinda special. It’s so good to look at. I wanted it for my laptop wallpaper and I still want. But I thought about something. Do you guys know software called Wallpaper Engine? It can be used to make animated or even interactive wallpapers. I had no interest to use it and even was angry when I got steam notifications “your friend is playing Wallpaper Engine” (How can you play software? And it also tracks how many hours you use it, that’s dumb). So to get back on my point I want to have this background as animated wallpaper, but not really fast scrolling, but the same scrolling speed as in main menu. Of course without interface and logos, just plain slowly scrolling background.
    EDIT 1: I forgot to add that it is possible to upload custom wallpapers to steam workshop - even paid ones. I know that 30% income cut (on workshop maybe even more, I don’t know. Also there’s probably need to buy WE on Steam, but there will be winter sale soon) isn’t happy thing for you, but please think of it. You can treat this as some kind of donate. I would be more than happy to buy it as my little thanks for what you do.

  5. There should be one boss per one mission. The game at this point feels like boss rush, Bosses should be unique and less frequent. I’m totally for one stronger boss at the end of all levels in mission

  6. Mission select screen should show: -how many levels there are, -how many bosses there are (that’s if my idea above isn’t something you agree with)

OK, that’s all for now.