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Hello. I have a little question. So right now CIU doesn’t have very strong chances of me buying it (or rather buying the premium CHL) mainly because of 2 things:

  1. CHL doesn’t have any new content that I couldn’t play without it (not that CIU has large amounts of new content even without CHL)
  2. I love the idea of shared progress on many devices, but unfortunately I won’t be able to use it this way. Because by an extremely weird design choice of my smartphone manufacturer I still have 32-bit OS even though my processor is 64-bit. Anyway, given that any new apps released after 2019 (or 2018, I don’t remember now) have to be released only with 64-bit versions. So I wouldn’t be able to play CIU on mobile and 1 of the best advantages of CHL - cloud saving is just gone.

So. I know android version will still be on OpenGL (well, I have support for vulkan so that’s not a problem, but that’s not the point) and I think there are no technical differences that would make it unable to run on 32-bit android. So maybe you can provide 32-bit CIU on your site? Think about it, you already have a shop on your site and place to download stuff so it wouldn’t be hard to add it. Plus you get to keep 30% of famous google store tax (if someone of course buys CHL directly from your site)


I’ve actually been working on a few ideas for the overall improvement of existing content in CIU, as well as suggestions for how future content could work, because this is a massive problem shared with the episodes in my opinion that really needs to be addressed, if CI will ever become a success.

So what you’re saying is that if more content were behind paywalls, you’d buy it? Duly noted :wink:

Actually, AFAIK 32-bit is still supported and will continue to be for some time. It’s just that 64-bit is mandatory, 32-bit is optional.

Generally speaking, I’d rather not maintain versions outside of the store. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.


Well now you’ve done it, qbus. :stuck_out_tongue:


EA likes this post.


There were already many ideas that tried to improve it - episodes DLCs, training missions, challenges without leader boards that would unlock some stuff.

Hang on. Wasn’t it you who said “CI isn’t 60+hours long metroidvania”? New content would make them no linear.

Well, yeah. If I can justify paying for something then I would gladly do so. It always was like that, there was a demo and full thing was locked until you pay. Then came the age of not having demos so you needed to pirate the game to find if you’d like it.

CHL needs to have something that would make it a nice deal. Cloud saving alone isn’t giving a WOW effect. That’s where exclusive content comes into play. Many games are doing season passes. (though they don’t exactly have in-app purchases to buy in game money. Not counting Fallout 76 because everyone knows how it ended) and 1 time buying of CHL wouldn’t be so bad for new missions.

Oh, you’re right. My bad. I must have misread something (or just another Mandela effect)

So, another question. What about amazon and Huawei devices? They have their own store because they can’t use Google services and they make quite a market share.

Hopefully I’ve done a guarantee of new content for CHL buyers.


Someone suggested some ideas for weapon reskins a while back… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll buy CHL just to support iA


This is nice, but it’s also unfortunately not a great business model to bank on from a dev perspective, aha.


As in, different paths to the same end. I should have been more clear. The only part of your ideas that I objected to was the addition of exploration to episodes.

If added to the base game, then yes. However, what I had in mind was new playable characters with different ship mechanics , not adding more content to what was already there.

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I’d rather have a short experience with multiple alternate routes than a long, grindy, linear one, myself. Gives replay value a boost in actual, well, replay.


Not a big fan of skins as a “new content”. But if they were all in CHL without paying for each of them then I can give it a pass.

Many metroidvanias are actually known for having many endings. To make it look like the player has control of the story.

But it still is the same old content. That’s not a good replayability.


Which is where things like challenging difficulty modifiers and rare cutscenes come in.

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