Little concern with sound(s)

So… Last week I turned down music for a reason that CIU forum readers know. And I was kind of disappointed because you see, when you finish the mission there are no fanfares. Fanfares right now are assigned to the music category, but they should definitely count as a sound. More specially a victory sound. I’m guessing defeat sound also is assigned to music category.

And second concern. Why is it so empty when it comes to UI sounds. Sometimes the sound is there, sometimes there is not.

Here are 2 screens that somehow make me annoyed the most.

Here’s literally only one button that doesn’t have a sound.

And here is literally only one button that does have a sound.


In contrast to previous games, in CIU the player spends a significant amount of the game navigating the GUI. I was afraid that the constant beep of clicking on buttons would become grating after a while, so instead of automatically assigning sounds to everything, sounds are manually added to each GUI button. The idea was that only “action” items would generate a sound, but “nagivation” items would not (e.g. “back” button, row of left 5 buttons).

Having said this, I’ve probably missed a few buttons (like the “missions” button in your screenshot).

Does anyone find the GUI sounds annoying? Perhaps everything could have a sound, but there could also be an option to turn off GUI sounds altogether?

They are very neat and great for me. I dont see a reason to turn them off.

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This is good.

Also, what about the first problem? Can the victory fanfares (and defeat sound) be assigned to the sounds category?

Fixed in v.27 :medal_sports: Bug

Uh, they could, but then they’d play at the sound volume and not the music volume. Which would sound odd for players that have those volumes set to significantly different values.

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m talking about because I have the music turned down to 0 and it’s not so great to win without hearing the fanfares.

Yes, but what if you had your music at 25% and your sfx at 100% (or vice versa). Would it not be jarring to hear the fanfare at a different volume than the rest of the music?

For me not.

For me yes. It feels weird when I hear a victory track playing on top of some other music I might be playing in the background.

Warp sound doesn’t feel weird for you?

No. It doesn’t.

Maybe we need more than music/sound sliders, like in Minecraft they got options for many different things in the game, mobs, jukeboxes, music and of course master volume for all.



  1. It’s not much shorter
  2. It’s after every boss so it’s more frequent to hear.

So…? It sounds like,well…a sound and not music. Which is why I don’t have an issue with it. The chapter complete themes don’t really feel that way to me.

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