Underwater Pirate Ship Boss Fight

Another water level boss. Crazy.

  1. Few words for beginning:
    This boss doesn’t need any planetary surface, but I think it should only be available in planetary water levels. (you know, it’s a ship so it needs water). So with that said it doesn’t need any planetary level base, just to get connected in some way (either from below or from the sides idk)

  2. Phases:
    a) Start

    b) Submarine chickens

    c) Water mines

    d) Laser cannon

  3. Phases explanation:

a) Start:
It’s a start. If you want to make it exciting we can make the anchor drop down slowly or it can just appear with the ship already rolled down. Important to keep in mind is that the ship itself and the anchor with it’s chain act like planetary level surface so if you fly into it you get destroyed. The light is just a decoration.

b) Submarine chickens:
From 0% to 25% health
Pirate Ship starts releasing submarine chickens from the hole. The spawn constantly so you need to take care of them to not get overcrowded.

c) Water mines:
From 25% to 50% health
Submarine chickens alerted the crew of your presence and the Pirate Ship starts dropping water mines. They drift slowly to the left side and explode on contact with the spaceship. Submarine chickens continue to spawn.

d) Laser Cannon:
From 50% to 100% health
Pirate Ship crew had enough and they launched laser cannon. It aims at your spaceship and fires laser projectiles in rapid succession. Submarine chickens and water mines continue to get released throughout the whole phase.

  1. Other comments
    It could potentially get introduced into the game right now for testing since it doesn’t require planetary level base, but after planetary missions get added it should be only available in water level.

  2. Poll:

Do you want Pirate Ship to be added in CIU?
  • Yes.
  • Yes, but… (reply)
  • It doesn’t matter to me either way.
  • No. (reply)

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  1. Closing words
    This boss is a part of planetary exclusive bosses:
    PEB 1 Constructor Boss - Constructor boss (+ LORE attempt)
    PEB 2 Underwater Squid Boss - Underwater Squid boss fight
    PEB 3 Desert Ostrich Boss - Desert Ostrich Boss fight

Semi-unrelated question, are the mines from Feeding Frenzy games? If so, very epic.
Anyways I’ve got no complaints, idea is just fine.

Yes. Yes they are. From their wiki page to be exact.

At first I planned to use ones from Chicken Shoot, but they float on water and these were under it.

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Maybe some weird comment here. But the boss looks cursed.

But it doesn’t look bad and likely unique.

island wars 2 airship has sunk


I saw the mine bombs from Feeding Frenzy game.

Oh it definitely is cursed.

  • Base is basically just some random ship found on google zoomed in a ton.
  • Canon holes are from some other photo and erased 1lvl because the hole wasn’t big enough then.
  • the lamp was doodled in (but the metal part of it was present on the ship)
  • anchor with chain with magically erased white background (because apparently finding transparent png of anchor with chain down is impossible and there are even fake transparent pngs)
  • the pirate flag was made by me taking a chicken bone drawing and putting it as a cross and for the end turning chicken skull black&white and placing it above.
  • mines are from feeding frenzy
  • laser cannon is just millennium falcon cannon (or whatever it’s called) erased from some random photo

But hey, it’s not like IA’s gonna add it exactly like that. New assets need to be made to even be compatible with CIU.


Reminds me of the flying ship boss from terraria, i love this idea

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