Underwater Squid boss fight

Today we’re looking at a new suggestion for a boss that would be exclusive to underwater levels (when they finally get added to the game)

  1. Requirements.
    Obviously you need planetary levels to get added to the game before this boss could be made. Refer to this topic how they could be made: Planetary missions generator since this boss has a new level base:
    If you’ve read the linked topic you know how it works.

  2. New mini-boss enemy
    It was supposed to be the boss itself, but it doesn’t look menacing enough so I made it into a mini-boss. Still don’t know what it is supposed to do, but for now it can just keep swimming and annoy the players. Maybe also shoot some toxic projectiles.

  3. Fight phases:

a) random tentacles attack

b) chick-squids spawn

c) shooting toxic projectiles

  1. Phases explanation

x) beginning of the level
when you first fly into that fight from the left side, you have few seconds to move into the middle of the level since there will appear 2 big tentacles blocking you from moving to the sides above the ground.

a) random tentacles attack
tentacles appear one by one in random places, you must kill them all to move to next phase. This will be worth 25% of boss health

b) chick-squids spawn
There are few chick-squids spawned. You must kill them all to move to the next phase.

c) shooting toxic projectiles
tentacles appear from the bottom of the screen and they immediately shoot toxic projectiles that are aimed at the spaceship. When the projectiles hit the solid ground they make a toxic cloud. When they hit the spaceship they kill you and make a toxic cloud. You must kill all tentacles to move to next phase. This will be worth 25% of boss health.

d) repeat
repeat the phases from a to c one more time. This would sum up to 100% of the boss health being taken down and you winning the boss fight.

This boss is a part of planetary exclusive bosses:
PEB 1 Constructor Boss - Constructor boss (+ LORE attempt)

My bad. Forgot about the poll:

What from this topic to be added to the game?
  • squid boss
  • just the chick-squid
  • none of them
  • neutral

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and again…

it’s not confirmed that inner planetary missions will take part in game due to how many enemies they need and world generators they require.

I can’t count how many times this has been suggested.

How many times what has been suggested? This is a new original boss fight. How could it have been suggested already?

Here’s what IA had to say about that:


Looks like I misunderstood but how can you make an underwater boss work properly in Space?

During Early Access


I guess I went hurried before knowing what to say. But isn’t that early to suggest something like this?

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One last thing, why is the poll multiple choice? (though it doesn’t matter).

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Because you can select the boss, mini-boss or both if you want?

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Nah actually that was just my mistake. It was supposed to be multiple choice but I noticed that you can’t have the squid boss without chick-squids so I added “just” to chick-squid and then left the poll in multiple choice anyway. Facepalm moment.


I wonder if iA will develop a level generator for it, since going with what you suggested should be very easy to develop, something we would be already having.


I just remembered very important detail about squids. They often shoot black ink. Now one can argue that this squid mutated and got a toxic ink, but maybe it should just shoot normal black ink instead? It could make the screen a little darker to decrease visibility which would simulate you getting hit with that ink.


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