Binary numbers wave

Hello. I’ve got an idea for a filler wave.

This isn’t some super hard wave and it can be finished in few seconds, but fast waves are the best for me and we also need them in the game.

So, the way this wave works is that at the start the RNG machine picks a number. The max number picked is determined by how many chickens can fit on the screen which you’ll see later why. After picking the number chickens start flying in groups at their respecting places on the screen, they must be in bubbles because without it the player would just straight up murder them and don’t see anything. The orange arrows are directions from where they are flying, it can be also from other direction to spice things up, but this is just for example.

After that they take a moment to take their places and form 2 special digits: 0 and 1. Immediately after taking their places the bubbles disappear allowing you to kill them.

As you can see they formed a number written in binary. And that’s basically it.

There’s only one problem that came to mind with it. It’s the RNG aspect. If it’s truly RNG then the same missions can give different number of chickens and it could impact the score. One way of solving it is that generator could be tied to mission ID (or whatever IA uses to determine the missions in the game). This way no matter how many times you play the mission it will still give the same number. And with this the players could also search for specific numbers that they like.

The end.

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This could greatly be benefitted by a zoom out, it would give greater options for variety and also give the player more chickens to kill. Besides, there’s a post dedicated to posting wave conecpts Post your Wave concepts here.


Yeah, it’s a matter of how many chickens can fit on the screen, but still zoom out is more used for boss fights and this a super ordinary wave.

Yeah, but we’re not obliged to post waves there. We can post it in different topics if we want.

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Single Digits does something similar already, with randomly picked numbers


That was the inspiration (but I still haven’t played this wave)


But so how its inspiration if you didnt played the wave? or you see info of it?

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Someone mentioned it in Early Access topic while ago and I immediately got idea, but since I’m lazy (and I was playing Terraria) I only just made my topic today.


Some prior waves also not that distinct to each other, so if we have single digit, then why not multiple digits?

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I haven’t played tons lately, but I am struggling to find some of the new waves as well - anyone have any good spots (or at least videos of the waves so i know what to expect?)

On the actual topic, I quite like the idea. :wink:

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Weekly Challenge have some new waves


Added to v.46 :medal_sports: Idea

Kind of buggy. Let’s see who notices


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