Chicken Invaders 2 Unremastered edition

Does anybody know if it’s still possible to acquire CI2 before the so called “remastered edition”?

I recently been thinking about making my own retro console and when I found out that RetroPie can launch .exe games I thought about CI2 (and many others, but it’s not important here). The problem is that there was this remaster which kind of destroys the “retro feel of CI2” so I’d like to have the older version.

Like, maybe it is available if you buy CI2 from the IA site?

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It is in fact available when you buy CI2 on . After logging in, there’s a small link that says “legacy”, and which links to the latest version of CI2 before the remastering. Disclaimer: This version is unsupported.



By the way, do you have plans for HTTPS certification on your main site?

Uh, what do you mean? Just access it via

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If you type in in your address bar and press enter, you will go to HTTP version of the site. You should redirect users that entered the site this way to HTTPS version.



I’ve had to revert back to HTTP temporarily, because HTTPS was preventing high scores and careers from being uploaded correctly. Will turn HTTPS back on when I solve this :thinking:

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