It gets Pharaohy in space

And as promised here’s the first version that I had in mind when thinking about desert boss. This one actually didn’t need solid ground so it doesn’t require planetary levels to be added so it actually has a higher chances of getting added into the game sooner and this is why I post it in it’s own topic.

  1. Fight phases:

a) It gets cold in space hard version

b) Pharaoh curse

  1. Phases explanation:

a) It gets cold in space hard version - 35% of health
Yeah it’s basically an it gets cold in space rip-off. But with a twist being that the clothes, or rather the golden parts of the sarcophagus that fall can kill your spaceship. So you got to be a little more careful here.

As of the parts that should fall - right wing, left wing, right foot, left foot, head, belly. Maybe add some gadgets if that’s not enough.

b) Pharaoh curse - 65% of health
After you successfully stripped the Pharaoh from his golden armor, he starts to force rotate your spaceship just like Henperor’s Apprentice and little later starts to shoot magic snakes just like the smokey bolts that Infini-Chick boss shoots.
Then he starts to force rotate you again and shoot the snakes again. So it is a loop that lasts for the rest of the fight.

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I’m laughing at this so hard right now lol

Also, name change suggestion: “Sandclucker”

Rest of boss is fine though, I have no comments on it, though I like it to be a bit more sandy than snakey - like throwing sandstone at you or something. Just my preference though.

I often refrence Ancient Egypt via tons and tons of sand for some reason - probably because of the games I play which features those things.

And title suggestion - add a "New Boss: " prefix
should help people know what you’re trying to add in better in first sight.

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nice idea it look like egypt


That was actually my first thought, but not only I couldn’t come up with good way to present it visually, but also was kind of bored with sand since I just finished the Ostrich Boss before.

That’s a better clickbait tho.

Can you make it more unique? So far it’s like “It Gets Cold in Space” x “It’s a bird! It’s a plane!” x “The Henperor’s Apprentice”, just the appearance changed.

I have an idea to make it worse: insert Coffin Dance music for it

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It’s supposed to be a simple upgrade for it gets cold in space boss. And it’s not just the appearance changed it’s a fusion of these 3 bosses.

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