Favorite and most needed idea

Let’s try something different.

What is your favorite idea that you’ve read here? And what is the idea that you think the CIU needs the most? Please explain it even just a little why did you choose it.

Idea/suggestion can’t be yours, because then everybody would just post their own topics.

(please post just 1 idea for every category - favorite, most needed)


Favorite Idea
Weapon synergy

I know it is a total pain to add to the game and probably will never get added in any form, but it just looks so freaking cool. I love it.

Most Needed Idea
Episodes DLCs

I actually had a hard time picking between this and removal of galactic market. Decided for that because I think it will actually make the in-app purchases a little less evil in CIU since it will be no more just MTX and one-time premium (that doesn’t currently do much and it’s really expensive). It will be some actual content. Granted, most waves are already in the game and IA plans to add mission editor sometime in the future, but this could still be worthy.
I don’t know if adding cutscenes is viable or if it will make the game grow too much in size, but even without them you could play the episode waves with all the improvements from CIU - WBP, new spaceships, customization etc.


The Thundercluck idea was my most favorite idea ever
Most needed idea? Well, I guess its just extra new waves


That UI + Weapon Synergy post is gold, i agree with it
I think the game needs more gameplay and ways to make cash
There have been countless posts that suggest new bosses, wave types, enemies, mission types, etc

I think most of them deserve attention

On the note of this, IA can actually remaster CI2 (he needs to add paratroopers, the old military chicken and the Crazy sqwaker but with egg instead of drumstick, and a reworked MHS) in CIU, since it had actual story as opposed to CI1. maybe IA can include extra cutscenes for some lore as well. and yes, size could be a problem so IA might have to ignore adding cutscenes

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litteraly almost every idea of @ScarletCuboids

Chicken invaders 6

Every Idea in this forum :slight_smile:

I really wish to see things populate the galactic map aside from just players, space droids and shady dealers. Enemy formations that could disrupt local stores would be nice, breaking the monotomy of just going from planet to planet to destroy chickens, what if the Henpire could actually cause out of mission harm to UHF recruits. This one is sorely needed IMO.

As for my favorites, vinhso’s and pidgey’s boss ideas have really good presentation and visuals.

Favorite idea: Pink Chicken by @Star_Light:

I think this idea might help make CIU a modern game. You might say, “Oh, this is just a reference to that one unlockable from CI5” and you may be correct. However, the design and such tiny details such the egg would make a fine addition.

Most needed idea: Henperial Fleet by @Recruit_75:

After three years, it is about time to add overworld battles/events, and an epic battle against the Henperor itself. That would further the RPG aspect of this game, possibly increasing its downloads on Steam.


U mean worst idea right? Lol

No, it’s actually good

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