Colosseum station (+ little rant about mails)

So, one day (joke, it’s like every time I launch the game) I was thinking that we get too many mails in CIU. Notifications about challenges and top 10 in multiple categories. Now you might ask, “but how do you imagine it to work Mr Hole Panther?” And the answer is we’re need a Colosseum of fools (sorry, too much Hollow Knight).

Now, how would the Colosseum be helpful in solving my problem?

  1. Every challenge that right now is sent through mail will now be available only in Colosseum. It’s 3 mails less (4 if counting the bomber test flight).
  2. It would make the exploration needed little more. Because you couldn’t just sit at one planet and play challenges and planet missions all the time. Still you could just sit at the Colosseum, but you wouldn’t have shorter missions to play because you can only play the short daily challenge 3 times at each difficulty.
  3. [optional]. We can also get rid of top 10 notifications and make the leaderboards section in the Colosseum. This way we can have 7 mails less. (or we can just send the mails to players that are in the specific top10 so they know that they did well. If you didn’t get in there’s no need to browse every top10 anymore because you don’t even get mail and if you want to see other players anyway you just go to Colosseum)

And now for a little complaining. I downloaded the game on my PC (I have CIU normally installed on laptop because this PC is only 8 months old and I’m too lazy to transfer CIU data here) because I needed to make a screenshot for this topic and after launching the game a new player gets welcomed by 14 mails? Is it not too much? Thankfully I launched the game to solve this exact problem, because I sometimes on my account get 11 mails at one time.

I think that’s all.


I’m sorry but what?
“Oh, there are too many mails, hmmm… OH! Let’s defeat the entire purpose of challenges (they should be played by everybody) with a new object, oh, and while we’re at it, let’s reduce the lenght of these!”
That’s Insane!

Sorry if I sounded rude, but you gotta understand, with this, you’re limiting challenges that should be available to everybody, that award game currency, to some, creating an unfair environment for everybody.

Challenges should be played by those who are familiar enough with the game so they can get in top 10. Also they are still available to everybody, but you just need to travel to them. Same as every other shop station. (I would even get rid of the main shop because discount prices aren’t that much better, but removing this could make some bad situations where you are stuck in star system with only difficult missions and if you’re bad at the game you’re stuck forever)

Point me to the part where I wrote that I want to reduce the length of challenges. Do it. I’m waiting.

They still are, I’m not locking them behind tier requirement. Just find Colosseum and you can stay there how long you want, but then you only have the challenges to play.

Oh no, I demand that I get a mail with a mission in black hole because we can get so much game currency there and it’s creating an unfair environment for everybody that doesn’t have access to the black hole!

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wait if remember correctly a colosseum of fools is place in hollow knight

No. They can be used to get keys, and anyone can decide to play or not, even if they know theywon’t get anything.

Sorry, I missread

Yeah, you’re limiting them to people who want to explore the entire galaxy without much pauses.

iA itself said that blackholes are endgame content, there is no problem there.

I think we can split the inbox into multiple sections similar to the “Favorites” list:

  • Challenges (marked by a rocket): Daily Challenge, Weekly Challenge, Space Race, Flight Test: BX-6 Heavy Bomber, Key Rush Test.
  • Top-10 lists (marked by trophies): Top-10 reward for Daily Challenge, Weekly Challenge, Space Race, Most Active Recruit (Daily), Most Active Recruit (Weekly).
  • Squadrons (marked by squadrons icon): Invitation messages that leaders of the squadrons send you, Most Active Squadron (end of day X), Most Active Squadron (Weekly), notifications of rewards when members of your squadron complete an assigned mission.
  • Recruit (messages that only you receive, marked by the “squadron leader” icon): Daily stipend, Contacts, Galaxy exploration rewards, warnings that you run out of Mountable items or extra lives or special weapons, level up (advance to new tiers), congratulations messages for top-10 rewards, Medal Awarded.

I’m against requiring players to fly to a challenge planet to play a shared mission, new players won’t have keys or fuel for that (unless it is available at every star system with no extra Always-on items required, but that defeats the purpose of the challenge planet).


Yeah, had the same idea.

…how? It just forces you to either re-visit this place every day and waste fuel or just stay at this place the whole time. Feels more like it actually discourages people even more from exploring.

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For starters, challenges are a way to get keys which will be used to travel between star systems. So, if the player is unlucky to be located on a star system without a Colosseum, the player would only rely on daily log-in and playing any mission available on that planet.

You are given 1000 fuel to begin with, but that is still not enough as new players may not know about galaxy exploration at all (they are simply directed to fly to the nearest planet to receive the first mission).

I’m talking about if there was only 1 of these. If there were lots of them…well,GuestUniverse already explained the case there

Yes, it is.

You just described every mission in the Chicken Invaders Universe.

If someone doesn’t try to give his best and knows that he/she won’t be able to get to top10 then why even play it? It’s a goddamn challenge for more confident and ambitious players. You either do your best or go play normal missions if you’re not looking for a CHALLENGE.

I’m not limiting them to explore entire galaxy. Did you think that there will be only 1 Colosseum? I don’t know how many would be needed, but little more than shops should be good.

Okay, then I want asteroid missions and comet chase missions every single day in my mailbox. The point I’m trying to make by using your own words is that it’s bad argument.
Every mission in the game can be described using your words. “Award the game currency” - literally every mission in the game does that, “to some” - there are retro, meteor and comet chase missions which also are available “to some” players and is it “creating an unfair environment for everybody” because of that?

It could work, but that doesn’t mean I give up on my way to solve it.

New players get 1000 fuel and 30 keys. It’s enough to check every type of objects in the map.

Every star system no, but maybe little more than shops. If it was in every star system there’s no point in traveling and the Colosseum just makes your mailbox cleaner.

So read it again, slowly so you can understand. “exploration needed little more”. That’s because there will actually be a reason to travel and use the fuel.

So we’re going to ignore that it’s basically how the CIU works right now? Because I’m pretty sure that that’s how many players do. Stay at one star system and just travel inside there so you don’t waste fuel and can get every mission you want. What’s the point of traveling right now? Getting the useless exploration medal? Getting more parts if you already have the best ones?

When I launched the game I was dropped in the star system with 2 planets and 1 sun, but using magically big number of 36 fuel I got to the star system with 3 planets, 1 sun and 2 shops (and I also got 12 keys just for going to single planet there). So new players can leave the star system the second the want to.

Well that’s the problem of overwhelming players with the amount of content and never giving them a proper tutorial that explains available things. New players for sure don’t know that there are rare parts in the local shops. Or that there are black-holes.

You must be kidding me in this moment. I thought that A_Neutral_Swiss was joking, but here another person thinks that there will be only 1 Colosseum? Where did you get that idea from? I never mentioned that there will be 1 Colosseum. The picture also uses the trail that the other shop objects use so it should be obvious that there’s more of them.

Yeah,you never mentioned any number of Colosseums whatsoever,so it’s on us to guess. And I assumed that it was just one because you literally said that we need a colosseum.

I think mail recocotegorization is enough. The point is, that instead of people sitting in a random system doing dailies, now they’ll stay at a colloseum doing dailes. Either way only leaving to shops or explore. It’s pointless, and you’re gonna sift through that mail either way in the colloseum.
If you think that only those who are good enough and want to compete should be allowed to… what’s the difference? Anyone can go to a colloseum. Allowing you to go through it with mail makes it more comfortable, because for example you’re going on exploration trips, end up in one system without a colloseum, to play the daily you have to go back and waste fuel because frick you.
If you think that people shouldn’t play dailies for keys… I don’t think this solves the problem much, except only those who decide to travel will be out of luck.

Also the colloseum thing makes no sense. At most a Emergency UHF Response Building dispatching heroes to situations. Most mail say about urgent chicken forces coming through your areas, so that wouldn’t make sense to take place in a colloseum. Also I doubt you could capture chickens in an arena and not have them fly away lol


I never assumed that there was only one coliseum, FYI. But still, it doesn’t fit for me.

The “Challenge” or “Race” is not about the mission, it’s about the top 10. Even if you are not good enough at the game, you can always stick to Rookie or even buy Tourist. You won’t have a chance to enter the top-10, but you still deserve some kind of consolation keys and food for completing any mission assigned by United Hero Force.

You get 36 keys (27 keys for the starting constellation, 9 keys fir the starting star system), enough to buy 180 fuel and not enough to buy any Always-on at all, forcing you to play Weekly Challenge to obtain a lot of keys and medals at the same time. If Weekly Challenge is too hard for beginners, you can try Space Race or Daily Challenge (easy), so either way you want those shared missions to be easily accessible.

There are no purple tutorial messages so far that introduce the inbox (is it?), hopefully it will be added in the future.

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But guessing that it’s only 1?

Great, so now we’re starting to pick on mistakes in writing.

Well that’s another thing to solve with traveling in CIU, but my idea is just giving 1 more shop-like type location so that players that are already happy with traveling have even more places to travel and players who don’t like to travel and only played challenges now also need to travel once more and who knows maybe they will find star system that has only Colosseum in it and in nearby star system meteor rings so if they want to earn many keys and still participate in challenges then they just simply must travel.

  1. You don’t need to be in Colosseum.
  2. You don’t need to check the leaderboard
  3. There will be no mails in Colosseum

CHALLENGE | English meaning - Cambridge Dictionary
“something that needs great mental or physical effort in order to be done successfully and therefore tests a person’s ability
“A challenge is something new and difficult which requires great effort and determination
Challenge Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster
“an invitation to compete in a sport”

Same explanation as before. What if I end up in 1 system without best missions to farm the keys? I need to waste fuel to travel there.

Daily is mainly for top10. If you want to play just for keys go play meteor, comet or retro missions.

They already are.

Does anything in Chicken Invaders make sense? (I’m not even counting CI5 because that’s the most stupid one). In fact CIU is also without sense. You mean to tell me that it makes perfect sense that after all the events in the episodes and killing all the chickens and bosses in them, they magically appear 100 years after that and they are the same? There’s also no technical advancements in whole galaxy - the same spaceships, the same space burgers. UHF heroes are robbing Space Burger corporation.
But CoLoSsEuM DoEsN’t MaKe SeNsE. Maybe UHF captured the chickens so they can test the UHF heroes to see who is the best and award them?

Ever heard of cages?

Let me also be picky over writing. “you’re limiting them to people who want to explore the entire galaxy”. Here you clearly suggested that you need to travel the whole galaxy if you want to find the Colosseum. Tell me, do you need to explore the entire galaxy to find “space burger, fortune teller, heroware, aftermarket, heroes academy or Gus’s Gas”?

That’s what I’m talking about?

Yeah well, I’m not banning anyone from entering the Colloseum. They still can get keys and food and play the challenge, but I think they shouldn’t play it if they don’t feel like they will do their best.

But the easy daily challenge is just one short mission and you don’t get so much keys from it. You still need to find missions in different locations to earn bigger amount of keys.

Purple hint boxes as a tutorial are bad. Before the release we must come up with something much more enjoyable.

Without stopping, you skipped the most important part. A competition in a game should be accessible no matter where you are. If one is in a coliseum, moves to another system, then the next day it will have to waste fuel to play the new challenge. Also, I understand your issue with mail, but you created one of the most impractical solution ever.


Oh boy more places to travel except they have the exact same purpose and allow you to do the same thing no matter what. Shops atleast have limited stock and different pricing everywhere, here nothing changes. Just use a new mail category that you could mute.

But if you want to check the leaderboards, you have to go there. Or, again, you could just have a different mail category. Easier.

I’m talking about people that want to participate because they want to try their skills on the daily challange. Not only does it have a specific formula, only it has leaderboards. You can’t compare to others in a basic mission. The point is that for this you would have to fly each day, and for key farming only when you need to. But key farming isn’t the only source of… itself? It’s not as exclusive.

So what you can just filter out who plays them? You can’t tell who plays for score and who for keys. Your system in my eyes does not solve that problem, because if someone wants to farm for keys, they will do that. Meteors, retro etc. If they want a fresh mission, they can try the daily too. It’s not purely competetive just because you said so.

Yeah cuz nothing makes sense let’s give chickens AK’s and hero shoots baseballs haha no sense but works!!!
It has to stick to a theme. While a cosmic colloseum isn’t unheard of, I said why it still doesn’t make sense… the current mail discription doesn’t align with this, but I can see how it can be changed.

Nah becasue they won’t just fly at the audience/escape once opened.
But mostly I don’t see how in the Chicken Invaders world watching chickens being killed for entartainment would be a thing.
Though I might be overanalizing this indeed.

But like, I don’t see what your thing is solving.
It doesn’t solve your key issue of farming dailies, because somehow people playing dailies for keys makes your expierience of dailies worse rather than them playing missions in their star system, not like dailies are effective.
It doesn’t encourage exploration, because once you found one colloseum you can just go back to it to try the dailies. It encourages exploration as much as going away and trying to find the nearest shop again.
It makes dailies more cumbersome for everyone to play, because you have to be in specific locations in order to compete instead of having the comfort to play it anywhere.

As Guest Universe said, a simple mail organization fixes your mail problem, and if it came with a mute option, it should be perfect for you.