Chaos environment planet

Hello. So I was wondering about planetary missions again and thought about if it would be possible to have a mission where you can fly in every environment available in the game (yeah, not a single one planetary environment is available in the game right now, but let’s pretend that they are here). So here we go.

I present to you chaos planet variant A:
It wasn’t very good so I spent more time on second version. And here’s the result:

Few words of explanation: It is a rare planet that will have missions that use every planetary environment available in the CIU. So right now it would be: water+underground+ice levels mixed together. In the future if for example desert environment would be added to CIU then this planet also gets desert waves. How would they be mixed? Well that’s very easy answer - through my another idea: Planetary missions generator

In theory it could work because every planetary mission could be cut and mixed together with it. To see if I was right I made a visualization of water wave transitioning to ice wave (please don’t start discussion how it is scientifically not possible without water overflowing the ice level ground):

That would be all. Have a great, safe day (and don’t forget to read my other topics)


This seems quite interesting


So, your chaos environment planet looks similar to a tidal-locked planet: one side is always heated by the sun and the other side froze over. So if you fly one of these missions, you’ll get a environment transition between two conditions like hot-cold and etc

Looks like a reasonable and a good idea decent enough to have it implemented. Well IA is rebalancing weapons now so this can wait.


My suggestion, those planets could have attributes:

  1. Size
  • Dwarf
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Huge
  1. Temperature
  • Freezing cold
  • Cold
  • Temperate
  • Hot
  • Scorching hot
  1. Surface
  • Solid
  • Solid with Liquid
  • Gas
  • Artificial solid (this is future you know)
  1. Special attributes
  • Lightning
  • Alien World
  • etc etc.

Some of these attributes are mutually exclusive (you can think which it is) and the rest can be combined in single planet, creating lots of variety.

For planetary mission, I would categorize it into 3:

  1. In atmosphere, you see clouds etc. Can be side scrolling or going to the surface.
  2. On surface, you can see the land (for solid) or the ocean (for liquid). Always side scrolling
  3. Under surface, including cavern, under the sea etc. etc.

There can be planets that have missions just with 2 planetary levels? Like for example underground and ice planet and on this planet you can only plan mission that is a mix of underground and ice levels?

I can hand-wave science in a game like CI (Corn Shotgun everyone!) but I must admit it’s kinda confusing if I’m underwater and then I’m suddenly not…

I sort of like this idea and sort of don’t, but I’d rather see planetary levels get added on their own first.

You can’t have that planet without other planetary levels so it definitely would be added later.

What you don’t like about it? Maybe it can be improved.


I think the visual blending of the environments will end up looking and playing really inconsistently and jarring, frankly. I don’t feel like they will merge very cohesively.

But I do like the idea of merging mission types generally, and having a special location type (“chaos planet”) to host those special missions rather than having them scattered everywhere.

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