Uncommon opinion about rarity of items

Hello. I had idea which I think will be little controversial. So in CIU we have chance to find items that are meant to be better and they are rarer because of that. I’m not gonna talk about how right now they aren’t really better but how they are one of the solutions to pointless exploration.

Long story short, they can be used and should be used as an encouragement for exploration. And right now it kind of works - looking at the “legendary tracking topic”. But there’s also one thing that this topic proves. That the rare items are the same for everybody in the galaxy. It’s not exactly bad, because it encourages co-operation with the community, but it also reduces the time/fuel and incentive to explore the galaxy yourself. You just hope that someone found item that you wanted and if true then you just fly to that shop and that’s the end of exploration.

Which brings us to my suggestion that I already know will be deemed controversial and blah blah blah. Every player needs to have their own set of rare items scattered across the galaxy that is different from other players. This way we prevent the situation that I described above with players skipping the exploration and looking up the items. This way we also don’t have community working together so I know there will be objections.

Alternatively we can also get that system:

  1. items of rarity of 1&2 diamonds are shared globally
  2. items of rarity of 3 diamonds are placed differently for everybody

This way players can help other players get items better than in the shops and we are still keeping them from getting rid of exploring themselves.

So now. Let’s welcome the inevitable discussion. And as always I recommend checking my other topics (because I keep getting notifications that someone liked my older posts even from people that I know that read them already and from people that came to this forum many months after I posted so that means there are good things to read)


I’d be ok with that under the conidtion that they no longer randomly re-scatter throughout the galaxy. So your rare locations might be different to John Doe’s, but they’re not going to change every month.

Doing both would feel like overkill to me, unless the items were made significantly better.


If this change was added into the game, change the name of the topic to Uncommon/Rare Tracking Topic, okay?:wink:

I don’t think many people want to track Uncommons/Rares. :wink:
But eh, I suppose I could do that.

Or Legendary items could go out of stock once a sale is made.

Actually, I’m not at all against that idea; instead, I wholeheartedly agree that the rarest items shouldn’t be global.

Currently though exploration has more aspects than just that. I explore quite a lot to find Space Burgers with a decent price fluctuation, I also explore systems to find good missions and key rushes, and I sometimes look for droids to invade them and get food. Let’s not forget asteroid belts as well. I often also visit the same planets with friends while we’re in voice calls and that gives the game a slight multiplayer feel.

So there sure is a reason to explore - it can be fun, you can find useful shops, good missions and like you said, rare items.

It’s not controversial in my opinion. And I like controversial ideas because it puts things into perspective, I.e. you get to see them from someone else’s point of view, and if you find a way to oblige with all parties, everyone will be satisfied. So there’s that.

Sellout :grin:

EDIT: Also, I forgot to mention that I’m not sure if IA’s gonna be able to implement that. @InterAction_studios is it possible for items in the shop to appear only for certain clients? If they’re kept in a server, how would you achieve this?


No, not currently. And you are correct in suspecting that it’s not easy to do. But not impossible.


Just a humble brag or a full~on flex, but honestly, everyone needs to flex their muscles a bit from time to time, but I’m good at making assumptions about how easy it may or may not be to implement new features from experience :slightly_smiling_face:

Also I decided to place a tilde instead of a hyphen because the strike-through would cover it.

Fixed this for you. :wink:

Sorry to be so sarcastic about it… but it is the truth, aha. We shouldn’t need to voice call to make our multiplayer game feel multiplayer.
(And I’m not saying that only actual multiplayer will fix this, though I still believe that should be a focus on the distant horizon. But some sort of player interaction, even in the open world, would do wonders.)


Take note, great wisdom has been spoken.


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