Desert Ostrich Boss fight

Wow I actually finished this idea. It’s not the first version I had in mind, it’s not even the fourth in fact (I just couldn’t invent anything worthy like the 1st one that would need to have a solid ground) (I will post first version, but later since it didn’t match the requirements that I wanted to have in this series)

  1. Requirements:
    Well ofc the obvious one is the presence of planetary levels. More so, presence of desert type planetary level. It doesn’t actually matter if this kind will have any new mechanic like idk, sandstorms or so because I did it fairly manageable to survive.
    As of the required level base, it also doesn’t have to be very specific, but it most be considered kind of flat without any major bumps. Of course ground is solid so it destroys the ship if you touch it.

  2. Fight phases:

a) Start

b) Running left & tornadoes

c) Ostrich eggs assault

  1. Phases explanation:

a) Start
It’s the start, the Ostrich stands on the right.

b) Running left & tornadoes
Pretty self explanatory. Ostrich starts running left towards you which in turn starts to make sand tornadoes that also move in the same direction. The tornadoes grow in height and lower constantly so you must use the openings they made on top to move to safe place.

c) Ostrich eggs assault
Ostrich returns from the left side, and when it’s on the right side hides it’s head in the sand and proceeds to blow air that in turn makes the Ostrich eggs shoot from sand. They all shoot immediately and are aimed at the position of spaceship.

The eggs are supposed to be quick. I thought about making them destructible like if they were a mini version of the big egg that The Egg Cannon shoots which would make it safe to fly trough them, but maybe include a mini yolk that can destroy the spaceship so it wouldn’t be too easy to just destroy the eggs.

After 2-3 series of Ostrich eggs shooting out of the holes we return to the phase a) and we continue fighting the Ostrich until all the it’s health is depleted.

  1. Other comments?
    I have no idea how much health this boss should have, maybe enough for the phases to repeat at least 2-3 times.

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  1. Ending words
    This boss is a part of planetary exclusive bosses:
    PEB 1 Constructor Boss - Constructor boss (+ LORE attempt)
    PEB 2 Underwater Squid Boss - Underwater Squid boss fight

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