"atmospheric reentry" for every planetary mission

Hi. Quick idea for future (let’s hope) that I’m making a topic for because I don’t want it to get lost in EA topics.

Have you ever played CI5 and wondered why we just spawn inside the planet and only with Earth we’re shown how we enter it? If so then this idea is for you.

Every planetary mission will have a fixed amount of “Entering The Planet” waves. Now because they are quite boring the max amount of them would be 5. After clearing them you would land in the position that you would normally spawn without those waves. I think the amount of ETP waves should be either tied to how long the mission is or how big the planet that you’re entering is. That’s debatable and I think it won’t be that much of a difference, though the second option might make the exploration a little more meaningful, but it also probably requires more programming.

“Atmospheric reentry” waves before planetary missions?
  • Yes (waves tied to planet size)
  • Yes (waves tied to mission length)
  • Yes, but… (comment down)
  • I don’t care
  • No

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People keep suggesting this. So why not add the cave levels (wave 50 to 60 in CI5, in Gamma Cython or whatever it’s called.) In Infernos. The ice and electric levels from chapter 8 in frozen and/or electric enviornments. Also great idea.

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Again? Why it happened twice that something of mine with planetary missions is accused of being suggested already… As far as I’m aware nobody suggested reentry waves before planetary mission waves.

I mean, I think that was the plan for planetary missions, but to answer “why not”:
because IA doesn’t want to do it before Early Access ends (if it ever ends). So it’s not a matter of “we don’t have any place for those missions”

After reading this, i’ve always wondered that when you’re flying a mission in a sun or something, you’re just killing the chickens in the surface or the land or sky of the sun itself…

Same with asteroid belts, you enter them and there’s little planets with different meteor storm types.

Is the hero fighting inside the planet, or just in the surface? :thinking:

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Neither of those options.

We must be inside the atmosphere (theoretically because there are planets without it) since the environmental effects are a thing and they wouldn’t be possible too far from the planet.

But we definitely are not inside the planet - the cave and water level are inside. And we are also not above the surface - ice level is just above the surface.

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Why can’t the reentry length be tied to both mission length and planet size?

Hm, right…

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Good question. I guess they could, but wouldn’t it be overcomplicating it? Also feel like the limit should be increased then. But hey, not like we’re gonna see this idea anytime soon so there’s a lot of time to think.

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