Ideas from my old email conversation

I was checking my email and I found old emails that I wrote to InterAction. InterAction replied to that so they saw it, but I think that I can share them here so other players can comment. This email is from 18 August 2016:

First - Scrollable credits . It don’t has to be explained. From game to game credits were increased so they are bigger. In fact they are slow and boring. They have to be improved. Now 1 line = 1 person. If you increase it to Two people we will get 2x times shorter and faster credits. Also good will be if credits will be scrollable.

Second - more sattelites . In CI4 you implented sattelites. I hoped that for fifth part you invented some more, but there weren’t. You can ask fans for ideas ;). For example Shield Sattelite. When triggered it activates shield which is destroyed after one shot and some time (maybe 20 seconds).

Third - New difficulty? This actually means two difficulties. My friends who played Chicken Invaders 5 were talking to me that it is really hard. I don’t think so, but 5 my firends told me that. You can add super easy (chick difficulty) for them. For me I think that Chicken Invaders 5 is easy. I want something harder. Maybe even that harder so the gamers would stop identifying Dark Souls as a hardest game. I remember in beta v0.20 there was a metal crab who was incredible. I even wrote comment that it was realy hard. You don’t know how badly I want him back now. Going for that it means that new difficulty doesn’t have to mean “more enemy HP” or “more score for new life”. The best will be if it will have new smarter AI for enemies. Look how Terraria developers did that - Expert mode, all mobs and bosses have new smarter AIs. I know that it will be more work, but please think of that.

Fourth - New medals/achievements . In fifth part you did something GREAT - medals for every difficulty. I was amazed because of that. During my plays of Chicken Invaders 5 I realized something. You can get the all achievements and it is really easy. If you want the hardest medal - Greatest Chicken Hunter of All Time Award (only 2,4% of Steam players got that) you can just spam the missile button and you can have that. So I thought of achievement that requires you to earn all medals on only one entire mission. I prepared an image to better let you know what I mean. On imaged I presented this as green x, but It needs better area. Veteran and Galactic Hero difficulties have crossed red arrows, because I don’t have all medals there. And so I have all medals on easy difficulty I will earn the violet star medal which requires to have all medals on difficulty. And if you earn all 3 violet stars you will earn the Hardest To Get Medal of All Time - Diamond Star. Of course they need better representation than my quick paintings :wink: .

And last idea. The new Chicken Invaders should have Endless Mode . Yes, I know that Chicken Invaders 1 is endless, but many people have not heard of that and even if the had the don’t like it because of old graphics. For me it is really great, but I wanna challenge my friends in that. You can also remaster the Chicken Invaders 1 with Chicken Invaders 5 graphics. It definitely will look and be great. :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to picture mentioned in 4th idea:

If there’s some part you don’t understand feel free to ask, because it was ~3 years ago and I may have wrote something not understandable.