[Question] Sounds and songs specifications

I’m testing my sound card and I was wondering about specifications of songs and sounds in CI games.

I know that right now there are only 2 channels (hopefully 7.1 will be added in near future), but how many bit and Hz is unknown. The more detailed answers the better - I love technical details.

So here’s a little list that I’ll update when I’ll get the answers:

  • CI1 - 2.0, x-bit, xx Hz
  • CI2 - 2.0, x-bit, xx Hz
  • CI3 - 2.0, x-bit, xx Hz
  • CI4 - 2.0, x-bit, xx Hz
  • CI5 - 2.0, x-bit, xx Hz
  • CIU - 2.0, x-bit, xx Hz
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CIU Main theme is 160 kb/s and 44.1 kHz

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