First impressions

Alright. I finished my first hour so here I come with impressions (chronological order):

  • Main menu is little empty, maybe add some flying chickens or some news
  • Cursor is too big. It would be great to have fork cursor back
  • Options would be better with “back” button closer to option controls. X in top right corner isn’t fastest way to get back for me.
  • Game is overwhelming when you first log in - also I’m little curious how it saves my progress since you don’t have to create account. IP address? MAC address?
  • I would prefer to have tutorial as some instruction to read not as hints when you click on something new. It’s quicker for me to read. You can maybe improve it by offering player a choice when he/she first launches the game - Interactive (no pan intended) tutorial, manual/instruction tutorial, no tutorial.
  • Mission equipment select isn’t very intuitive. It wasn’t clear how to remove some “powers” (life and missiles).
  • First mission was flawless… well I died, but that doesn’t matter. It’s just good old chicken shooting
  • I loved that there are now chickens that are trying to avoid our attacks
  • Starting weapon sucks, but that’s the point and I’m writing it to confirm that it does it’s job well - it just makes you want to go to shop and buy something better
  • Weapon drops are too much generous - I got the forks weapon in every mission. It should be disabled unless you buy it or greatly lower the chances for it to drop. That’s the best weapon in whole series of games. It’s like you mixed the red weapon and green weapon - good damage (green weapon) and good scope (red weapon) (also sorry, but I don’t remember weapon names)
  • Well, about weapons. The shop should have weapons labelled with corresponding presents. I’m sure that many players aren’t reading or remembering weapon names because… well… they are busy playing the game, but they should remember weapon colours - “oh that weapon present was great, I should remember it’s colour” or “that weapon was really bad I should remember the present colour to avoid it”
  • Speaking of bad weapons the machine gun one - this light pink one was even worse than in CI5 - did you change it?
  • Is it still possible to earn missiles by eating the food? I couldn’t get any single missile in few missions that I played.
  • Summary screen is good. I smiled when I saw that there’s key bonus, because the keys were the worst thing about CI - just boring grinding and you had to do it in every special edition. Weren’t the only difference the textures/models and music? The saves should work across every edition. Unless you changed something with save system. Anyway back to CI Universe - key multiplier is a great addition that quickly calms you down when you entered the shop before playing your first mission and saw the prices.
  • After completing the mission I got some “mails” - one of which was “congrats you are rewarded XX keys for levelling to level 1” or something right that. I got keys in top right corner, but my level didn’t change. I played some more missions - I got to level 3 (you level up really fast by the way) and I thought to go back to main menu and log in again and that’s when my level showed up correctly and I could play higher levelled missions
  • Travelling to other systems could be better described. There was this blue line, but I couldn’t enter it so my ship was flying in parallel to it
  • On new system I got the same boss twice in 2 different missions which left me wondering how it ties to main games storyline - is the some factory that makes bosses? or are they teleported here by some evil mastermind? I would love to have some hidden plot in this game.
  • I tried to do the “weekly challenge” - Huge leap from 8 levels missions to 100 levels mission. I also couldn’t finish it because the server couldn’t be reached at that time. I don’t have good internet connection, but I didn’t lose it and on forum it said that servers are fine so I thought that I should stop my first play here and went on to make something to eat. Believe it or not, but I had chicken in fridge.

That’s the end of my first impressions.


Missiles, as with other superweapons, have to be bought first. They can’t be obtained through food anymore. Food, though, can be exchanged for keys.

Where do u exchange it?

Exchange it at Space Burger.

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