List of new things

I was bored and wanted to check how much different is CIU from other CI games (note that I only picked new things which weren’t available in any episode)

:new: Fortune Teller shop:

  • Keys Insight
  • Price Insight
  • Score Insight
  • Wave Insight
  • Off-Road License
  • Squadron License

:new: Space Burger, food selling place:

  • 1 key for ~14 unit of food

:new: Heroware shop:

  • Thruster upgrades
  • Laser Scope
  • Strobe Lights
  • Heat Sink upgrades
  • Reactor upgrades
  • H&C spaceships
  • Heavy Bomber spaceships

:new: Heroes Academy shop:

  • EM Shield
  • Event Horizon Stabilizer
  • Extra Slot
  • Gravity Nullifier
  • Heat Shield
  • Orbit Droid
  • Warp Boost
  • Warp Drive
  • Warp, Interrupted

:new: Aftermarket shop:

  • Coolant Canister
  • Poultry Payback
  • Appetite Attractor
  • Bullet Spray Condenser
  • bullet spray expander
  • Eggular Repulsor
  • Invulnerability Extension
  • Maneuvering jets
  • Mass Condenser
  • Thrust Vector Control
  • 3 new difficulties: Tourist, Seasoned, Virtuoso
  • Clucker Bomb
  • Damage Amplifier
  • Dimensional Phase-out
  • Shockwave Capacitor

:new: Gus’s Gas shop:

  • Fuel Packs

:new: Ability to have more than 1 ship

:new: Squadrons

:new: Medals:

  • of Extreme Unpreparedness
  • Trivial Campaign Trophy (Trivial, Very Hard, Elite)
  • Grand Admiral Accomplishment
  • Great Perfectionist Acknowledgment
  • Daily Diligence Declaration
  • Victorious Champion Stamp of Approval
  • Scrooge McChick Certification
  • Birthday Accomplishment
  • Grill Hero
  • Daily winner (easy, Intermediate, Hard)
  • Weekly Winner
  • Speedy Gonzales
  • Daily Hard Worker
  • Weekly Hard Worker
  • Busy Bee Accolade
  • Early Access Participation
  • Great Minds Think Alike
  • Bug Exterminator

:new: Daily and Weekly challenges:

  • Score challenge
  • space race challenge

:new: Rare spaceship equipment

:new: Contacts system

  • you can see if the player is online, and what mission they are playing

:new: Tiers based on score

:new: Galaxy Screen:

  • Shops
  • Planets
  • Droids
  • Wormholes
  • Suns
  • Asteroids
  • Other players spaceships

:new: Missions made out of randomly chosen existing waves:

  • normal missions
  • Environmental missions (electric, hot, frozen…) - special visual effects
  • Darkness missions
  • Droid Raid missions
  • Boss rush missions
  • Squawk Block missions
  • Retro missions
  • Comet Chase missions
  • Asteroids missions
  • Supernova missions
  • Key Rush missions

:new: Wave progress and Mission Timer

:new: unique gun pods on spaceships

:new: Bosses:

  • Squawk Block Boss
  • Comet Chase Boss
  • Supernova Boss
  • Meteor Stom boss

:new: Ability to compare to other players

:new: Notifications

:new: Ability to change HUD color

:new: recent missions list and to-do missions list

:new: comments for favourite missions

:new: Anniversary mission

:new: Weapon virtuosity bonus

:new: Borderless window option

:new: Chicken Breeds:

  • Slob
  • Toxic
  • Coward
  • Berserk
  • Assassin

:new: weapons:

  • moron railgun

(If I missed something, please write it)


Boss difficulties that scale with mission difficulty.


You missed the bullet spray expander. Also, mines aren’t new. They are mine bombs from ci3-ci5, but renamed to just “mines”.


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