CIU offline mode

Yes, there were another topics about it, but I want to add my take on that even if it’s gonna get rejected immediately.

So, basically we will probably soon have mobile versions. And that’s nice, CIU on the go doesn’t sound bad. Problem: CIU is online-only game, you lose the internet and good luck playing. That’s why I think it’s a perfect idea to add offline mode for that occasion. Obviously, one of the reasons CIU is online-only are the ads and purchases. You need to verify everything with the server, that’s understandable, but with offline-mode you wouldn’t need it. Players can do whatever the hell they want.

Currently there’s no chicken invaders on android platform (officialy, because sideloading exists without problems for now) so CIU having such mode would be a cool demo of the game. Remember, normal CI episodes allowed you to fly few waves before unlocking all of them. This could be also made into a very simple tutorial so the new players don’t get overwhelmed when they are thrown into the galaxy view.

Another point is that if someone has CIU installed on phone and is currently on some vacations or a visit to a place that doesn’t have internet (yes, those places exist. And mobile internet can be pricey in other countries). You know, sometimes you gotta scratch that itch, kill few chickens to relax or other stuff. Now you’re gonna say, “whatever I’m not gonna get profit from that”. Yes, that’s true. But you’re gonna get someone that plays the game more.

Yet another thing - it doesn’t have to be the full game, every mission, environment etc. Even just a random 15 waves mission with a reduced set of waves and bosses. Budget constraint mission is a good example here. Player doesn’t get to pick anything and just plays the game.

Now I’m not gonna convince you to add cheats there, because cheats were denied many times (well just like the offline mode but whatevs), but it actually wouldn’t hurt you to add them to that mode. You don’t need to verify player scores and key earnings because there’s no server for that and the progress doesn’t carry to the main account.

Final suggestion if my writings above didn’t convince you at all:
What about making offline-mode available exclusively to CHL users?
I myself agree that it’s an evil move, but hey, it would make it more worthy to purchase and CHL users ain’t gonna have any ads so you don’t lose anything.

And for the end, everybody’s favorite: Poll

CIU offline mode?
  • Yes
  • Yes, but CHL only
  • I dON’t CaRE
  • No
  • Yes, but…

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Dedicated servers


This idea sounds good and excellent especially for people with shitty internet. And this also can help me use my internet lightly. But I have a question here:

Is there any of the online mode features will get disabled/removed in offline one like events for example?


yes the players can explore the entire galaxy Without Internet and missions and store and more we actually need CIU offline and the players have new mode is “Level Editor”

Why though.

I mean, I did write that it would just be a single mission with reduced wave set. But if IA wants to add more to it then it’s up to him.

Woah woah woah woah, slow down. I’m trying to go for compromise here. Remember, IA doesn’t like the idea of offline mode being in CIU.

That ain’t gonna happen. We don’t even have mission editor yet. Level editor available for players will probably never exist.

So IA Is not going to add it. why you made a topic?.

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So some regular tier users can learn to read.


read??? i can read better than you HOW FOOLISH…aughhhhhh kids didn’t learn in the first after your 2 shitty comments.

If you could then you wouldn’t be asking that question




Alright have some tea and chill.

Offline mode would work great when for some Latin American reasons Internet goes out for a week.

CIU is naturally F2P game, so there’s no profit for iA on people downloading the game and playing purely offline (no income from ads)? Fine, make it CHL only, then you would be able to play offline as you would play regular CI episodes. You paid the 10 dollars, here, you can play anything with that’s existing already in your local storage, purely as arcade mode (it won’t update to servers when going online).

Since I bring older episodes into equation, someone would ask to why not just play old episodes then? Cos old episodes are unbalanced as shit and you pretty much have to ignore 80% of weapon roster to succeed. Which by the way is why I would love to see an integration of old episodes and the newer balanced CIU, provided you have the episodes installed, but that’s a talk for another day.

I’m going to make a look of a person who thinks that he knows how computers work and ruin everyone’s hopes and dreams. Currently CIU politely asks the server to generate all the stuff it needs, which we have no idea how complex is, because it’s the server. This includes missions, waves, challenges, budget constraint equipment, while also controlling almost everything else (movement sync, anti-cheat checks, RNG probably?). So in order to make it an offline game all that stuff would have to be embedded in the game client itself, which I personally have no idea of how hard it would be. Probably quite hard. Especially to debug.

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That would make sense, in which case a fair compromise could be as OP suggested, have a batch of pre-generated missions set bundled in the game, which as a person who knows nothing about coding and that stuff, it shouldn’t be that hard.

Don’t worry

But something missing point:

What about downloads data game like(music/background/tools ship/weapons/galaxies/missions/etc…)

It better play game without online mode :slightly_smiling_face:

So if I poll it let’s see

Do you want IA set up download data game?
  • Yes
  • No

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Well this would be great considering the protests here… and the lack of interest connection because of it most the time.

Sounds like a great idea tbh, I do sometimes end up with no internet in a lot of cases, I’d like to see something similar in game.
But again, the game is currently online only for a reason, all of the player’s account data (missions, score, fleet, etc…) is saved on servers because having them stored locally means people at some point will be able to modify the save files for infinite resources, score or game completion, which is certainly not something we want to see.
It can be a thing if offline missions won’t contribute to the player’s progress, and as for what the missions might be, the player can choose if it’s a challenge (like luck pot or space race or anniversary) or a normal mission, and gets to choose the difficulty, length and the build/fleet (or use the actual build from the online save), and the waves are determined by some seed the player can pick.
I might’ve described a level generator of some sort, but that’s kinda what I have in mind for offline gameplay.


That talk already happened few times and I’m still wondering why it’s not done in CIU. It’s so much better in-app purchase than some keys that you’re gonna waste in few minutes. And players that already have the episodes could receive a key to activate them in CIU so that’s another plus.

Choosing randomly generated waves from a wave set is nothing hard. Just bundle it up into a mission and voila.
And you don’t need to verify anything at all since it’s offline and the progress there won’t transfer to the online account.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I am certain you don’t download that from server. It’s already in the game since it takes more space than some ping checks and verifications. Unless you meant something different.