Even more environmental effects

Hello there.

So, since we won’t have planetary missions anytime soon since they require more work to add, why not add more of environmental effects? I think it’s easier to add to the game and it also makes exploration a little better since it makes mission little more unique and not just randomized waves like every other planet.

Of course, every environment would need their own shield to allow you to access them, but it’s not much of an issue with existing ones is it? Also before anyone starts with “but isn’t the point of the shields to nullify the effects?” - you can explain it by saying that it only allows you to survive in this environment but not actually make you indestructible in it.

Some of them may have been already suggested but I wanted to collect them all in one place. Frozen was definitely already suggested, but it’s too easy to add and I quite like that idea.


Makes you overheat slower.

Yes, we had this idea already. Yes IA denied it saying something along “they are not supposed to make gameplay easier”, but cmon is it really good argument? We have hot environment which makes us overheat more, then why can’t we have frozen environment which makes us overheat less. It’s logical. Not every of environment effects needs to make your game harder. Why some of them can’t actually help you?

It should look cold, have visible ice or something like that in universe map.

Messy trash

Flying metal trash that can kill you.

Basically human trash, flying barriers or any destroyed spaceships or satellites that can destroy your spaceship. It would look something like fake asteroids in CI2, but this time deadly. The inspiration for that was our planet Earth where orbital trash can actually do major damage to space stations, satellites or even astronauts.

Should look something like this:
Of course it doesn’t need to be so detailed, it can just be few flying metal scraps orbiting the planet.

Falling stars

Meteor rain that can destroy your spaceship

Like fake asteroids in CI2, but this time deadly. I think it would be one of the easiest ones to add. It can of course also vary in size, speed and direction at which the meteors are flying.

Something like this:
Master of paint here I come. Go look at falling stars at google for better view.


extremely strong wind that moves your spaceship

This is kind of tricky one. It would either blow constantly or on set time period. The strength of the wind can also be altered on higher difficulties. It should pair well with lightning environment to make Storms.

This one should be either some wind or hurricane duh, or both:

Toxic atmosphere

Random bursts of toxic waste clouds

This is pretty much self-explanatory. You have toxic clouds appearing that can kill you. You know which ones - those green that toxic chickens make. Also for concerned players - it would first appear as small green cloud that doesn’t kill you giving you time to move out, but it eventually grows to the point it becomes deadly.

Other than having a green cloud visible near the planet I found this beauty that fits perfectly:

High humidity

It can make your spaceship wet and weaken your weapons

The water particles get into your weapon pods making them weaker. It would be fantastic match for water planets when the planetary levels finally get added in the future.

This one should either be on some planet with big oceans of water or on a planet full of clouds for obvious reasons


Sand gets to your weapon pods making them have lower accuracy

Inspired by many rpg games with status effects, most famous I think - Pokemon. You have sand particles that get to your weapon pods making them lose accuracy. Now, it’s not a mystery how it works for weapons that have autoaim - you just make them miss sometimes, but for other weapons you can either expand the weapon particles spread or tighten it to make it function worse.

Some yellow planet should be best for that, here’s my concept:

Magnetic field

Makes your spaceship rotate randomly every X seconds

Mission sponsored by chicken lord vader and malfunctioning gyroscope wave. This planet has a magnetic field so strong that it makes your spaceship hardware work in a way that can’t be actually described as working. The rotation can either help you or screw you up so it’s definitely a chaotic effect.

This one needs aurora borealis visible on universe map:
Please excuse me for how unprofessionally it looks, but I think it’s a good concept.

I think it would actually require galaxy regeneration if any of them would get added, especially if we would add more planets since some of them may not be suitable for some environment effects - is there a planet with sand somewhere?

It would also be possible for some planets to have more than one environmental effect. Some of them pair really well - lightning and hurricane, sandstorm and hurricane, lightning and magnetic field.

It’s also a good time to reintroduce my chaos environment planet
It would be a perfect place for missions that are a mix of all environments and change or not change after each wave, but it would definitely need galaxy regen.

Poll to vote since IA said it’s required on ideas.

Environmental Effects vote
  • Frozen
  • Messy trash
  • Falling stars
  • Hurricane
  • Toxic atmosphere
  • High humidity
  • Sandstorm
  • Magnetic Field
  • None of them

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I don’t care about medals. So if by any chance I stole your idea then go ahead and post link. I made this topic on my own without browsing the forum, but I used to be very active here so I might have read your idea and not know it now.


How would hurricane work for bombers with their speed limit? Also, what is the major difference between falling stars and messy trash?

I imagined that it doesn’t matter on the spaceship type. If it blows in some direction then it’s harder to go against the wind to all types of spaceships, but I guess that’s debatable. It would also be nice to make you fly faster in the direction that wind blows but it’s probably tricky to add and you already move nearly instantly with normal spaceship so it would change anything for non-bombers.

These are basically the same stuff just with different falling objects. I guess these ones don’t exactly need shields if asteroid belt missions don’t require them.

The good old over-requested suggestion

Same idea. I can’t unsee the fact that these are just electric environment but you can destroy the hazard. We could differentiate them by making one have hazards that split in smaller ones when hit and the other having more hazards on screen

What about blowing your and enemy bullets out of their trajectory?

Lightning environment variant. Again. Sounds fun. I would put it on alien planets

I would hate playing on it. It’s like playing with an additional skill level. It’s interesting

Even worse than wet environment. It would give bullet spray condensers a prupose.
I am sure someone already suggested a similar in the earlyest days

Best idea. Period.

Basically the best way to farm keys

Since we are talking about environments I would like to start a discussion about 2 already in-game

  1. Adding back the old background sparks in electric environment. It’s the blandest looking environment at the moment

  2. Making singularity a proper environment that glitch all the gui. Right now retro missions (only missions playable right now in wormholes) have time and waves interferenced

Why not. It’s all up to IA in the end. Sounds good, maybe even better than moving your spaceship due to non-bombers and bombers. I guess it’s up for discussion.

There was something like that?

Seems nice, but where would this singularity environment fit on the universe map?

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Yes. That environment used to be just a visual change before getting the damaging lightnings. It looked amazing

Whormholes, dares, challenges and maybe a new object in the map called “Anomaly”

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Hey i would like to dm you

Over requested and i have an addition soon
When i release my all ideas after 2 weeks

I already have concept of this but You uploaded it before me

So that sometimes push you to the enemies

I also have concept for this but not the same name

It should works with the fire satellite so it just nerf it

I have suggestions from time to time it would make sand storm that hides the enemy

That would actually be so cool and challenging at the same time

Another one environment to add, but I’m already saying it’s not my idea since it surfaced during talks on Discord where I initially posted my environments collection.

It could either be it’s own environment or belong to frozen environment which would solve IA doubts about it making the game easier. Unfortunately the idea giver didn’t say how would it look, but I imagine it would be just like falling stars and messy trash, but this time the objects would be smaller and non-destroyable - something that’s just like hail falling from sky during hailstorms.


(please forgive me people for making post under post, but wanted to distinct them since it’s another type)

Yeah I know it’s over-requested. Because it makes perfect sense. Just that IA refused it.

Neat. I also thought that it can be joined with Davoid scrapyard and scrap recovery topics - The scrapyard but decided to go for something easier. Though would love to see the scrapyard get added anyway.

Hmm, that’s a good point. Haven’t thought about spaceship satellites because I don’t use them myself.

Sounds logical.

Ngl, i whould like them to also appear in challenges and dares than just respective planets (judging the fact that enviroments now can appear in dares and challenges) so there could be more variety in the mentioned mission types.


I mean, if existing ones are already appearing in challenges then I don’t see any reason why the new ones couldn’t appear there once they get added.


The magnet can also reverse controls what do you think

But i will warn you with some visual texture every x seconds it will reverse you controls for x seconds

That’s one of the worst things you could possibly add in a game.

imagine that with the chickenaut pie
possibly the worst hell we would have imagined

well it need to be easy for new people

actually 110% or 120%

The game should be challenging
Not easy

You have difficulty
It would be applied in 90% difficulty
At least until i post my idea

Truly an amazing argument.
A challenge should be fair. Reverse controls would just be an annoyance. They’d handicap you for a while before you get used to them, and then again when you need to get used to regular controls. I played some games with reverse controls in the past and it was never really a fun experience.

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It would be challenging
If you don’t like the game being challenging that is your opinion

So what? Challenging doesn’t mean it’s good. The challenge has to be fair, not complete bs.


That’s your opinion

You have the canon canon thing and it is not fair at all

When it use the egg canon

Double team with 2 mystery ship also not fair

This effect applies to a ton of games
But you know

I think ia wouldn’t give you more than 3 seconds in the reverse control effect if this idea gets added