Constructor boss (+ LORE attempt)

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  • Have you ever wondered who builds structures for chickens - Yolk-Star™ shell, planetary egg city, The Egg canon? Long story short, chickens have constructors. And one of them has it’s Not-Yet-Built™ Home under the ground.


  • This is driller:


  • Now important thing to notice is that it has it’s Not-Yet-Built™ House under the ground. Which brings us to - Planetary missions generator (Go read it if you didn’t already)
    So yeah, this boss needs the planetary missions to exist. More specifically this level:
    drillers_den (but not exactly)
    And why is it so?


  • HIs main attack is charge (the running charge tbms) with the use of his favorite tool - The Drill. When charging at the player he is invincible and you can’t hurt him.
  • In between the times when it doesn’t use the drill, it would throw the typical building related tools (like hammers, wooden planks, nails etc) randomly, because it can’t see anything due to the too big helmet. In this phase he would also be vulnerable.

5.Attack pattern

  • Nothing too special - he’s just a builder not a killing machine.
  1. 15 seconds of randomly throwing building related things
  2. Hides in the ground
  3. Uses drill to charge at the player 3 times (each charge lasts 2 seconds)
  4. Returns back from the ground
  5. Go to step 1.

6.Pictured explanation of attacks

  1. This is the reworked cave level 6 called “Drillers_Den”:
  2. This is how the 15 seconds of throwing tools would look like:

    So it throws things and it can fly inside the area (I pictured his movement like a DVD video logo screensaver because his helmet doesn’t allow him to see, but it’s up to discussion)
  3. Drill charge phase:

    In this phase he can target the player. When he targets the player little part of the drill shows from the ground and player must act very quickly (less than 1 second) to hide from that line. The charge line is extremely simple because it just goes straight forward, but you must be fast to dodge it. This phase lasts 3 drill charges and it’s back at throwing chaos. Level is specially made as a near circle because with this design the charge can appear at any point an it’s easy to tell which way will it go.

The end. Suggestions are welcome.


Tecnically (according to italian translation of ci3) sweater chicken built Yolk Star.
By the way i think that the chichen could call for help some caterpillars in a soft of phase 2

A good concept but the attacks have issues regarding difficulty. The items that the Constructor throws should only bounce once. There shouldn’t be more than five items at a time or it gets really overwhelming. The second attack should have more signs of the Constructor resurfacing like some sound effects and visuals, also I’d increase the time to react from less than 1 second to 1.6 seconds for average difficulty. It could be reduced up to 0.7 seconds for elite missions.

I also think you’re confusing Constructor with Miner. Constructors aka engineers don’t live in caves, they live in lairs.

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So we can call it non-canon. Only english version is canon.

I don’t think that other animals than chickens would work in CI game.

Well, the thing is that I never imagined them bouncing. Picture shows only the chicken bouncing and items falling straight down. However bouncing items seems like a good way to make a more difficult fight in higher skills so it isn’t just more HP.

Yes, it should.

Yeah, it could work, but it’s important that the charge attack is fast because it’s supposed to be his main weapon.

Well, he’s a builder. He has hammers, planks and other building items, but it just happens that his favorite tool is the driller. (to build something you must first prepare the ground for it, sometimes by destroying)

I was intending this caterpillar


Ah. So a digger?

FYI this is a caterpillar (or rather a caterpillar track):
(Unless you meant the company)

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