Toxic Asteroids

Just a quick idea.

Basically toxic asteroids. You know toxic chickens in CIU? With their toxic cloud and being green.

So there’s that. Basically asteroids that after they are destroyed release toxic cloud.

If we want to make things hardcore we can also make the trail deadly for the spaceship.

Toxic Asteroids in CIU
  • yes including deadly trail
  • yes without trail
  • neutral
  • no

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Without the trail being harmful to players, this would be a good idea
Still, coming up with things like this is nice though

Obviously make them rarer, or shooting them would be suicidal

isnt dodging asteroids and trying to shoot them painful enough, especially when they’re near horizontal

The asteroids are painful already adding this would make it
More of a suicide mission

I like the concept tho
But it need to be balanced

Maybe these should release a smaller gas cloud not that big like from toxic chickens.

Mr.Incredible will become uncanny with this idea

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Well, these missions it’s would making worse to suffering these asteroids with that effect but eventually nope, it’s still impossible to beat these rather than an toxic enemie where you’re gonna to screw you for once.

I think the toxic asteroids should appear sometimes, not always because it’s super difficult to play with all the toxic asteroids in the screen

These would be borderline impossible to dodge en mass. It would have to be a wave where you have one/two big asteroids that break into smaller ones and bounce off the margins of the screen. If it would be that kind of wave, it would be playable and fun.

It is so nice but with deadly tail it would be nightmare

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