Mission complete screen

You can say I have a brainstorm today (but the truth is I only have a storm where I live and I don’t have brain).

Look at this again:

Problem with this screen is that it has too much chaotically placed info. So I made a little makeover depicting how it could look to be less cluttered:

List of changes:

  1. No medal silhouettes that you can’t get in the mission - what is the reason there are available spaces for medals that you can’t get? Above I cut every other trophy for finishing the level because you can only get 1 trophy when winning and the rest is not needed there.
  2. Multipliers sorted by value - This way not only you have them organized by colors, but even with how much they are worth. So it looks kind of better.
  3. Emphasizing the score and food - I think that we should make the “final score” and “food” values look more special because they are worth something in the game. They aren’t just for the statistics. Food can be sold to get keys so it’s much important than for example “mission time” or “kills”. “Final score” is important because you can get tier levels with it. And there are some things that you can only access when you have certain tier level so “final score” is also more important.

Something that I didn’t include in the picture, but I think is worth thinking about:

  • Do we really need so many multipliers? Right, some things are better to be shown as a multiplier, but some can be skipped and just included to the score at the very start of the game. I’m talking about “skill premium”, “difficulty bonus”. They don’t change based on how you play the mission. They only change when you start it so they can just be included in the base score and this way we have less cluttered statistics.
  • I agree that the game should not display all trophies after the mission, just the trophy for that mission difficulty. Although InterAction Studios said that this was intended for the trophies to be more easily recognized, I think they should change their mind as players could easily click on them to see. However, I would prefer keeping all mission medals shown even if you didn’t win them, as newer players are less likely to check that “Medals” profile, and showing it after the mission would be better. (It is possible, but very hard to get every medal at least once in one mission, and complete it)

  • Multipliers: I actually don’t quite agree with sorting by value, however I’m also not okay with the current sorting. The tiny bonus/penalty “Location fluctation” should always be put at the bottom of the screen, or remove entirely. Therefore, the bonuses for keys should be “Base multiplier”, “Difficulty bonus”, “Equipment perks”. The bonuses/penalties that are more commonly earned should be placed on the top, for example (scoring):

    • Skill premium
    • Difficulty bonus
    • Result assessment
    • Unoriginality penalty
    • Lucrative boost
    • Mission factor (lucrative boost before this, this is because a planet contains mission, not vice versa)
    • Equipment perks (as they said, this is only used for future “handicap” equipments, not H&C spacecrafts)
    • Squadron loyalty
    • Remove “Location fluctuation” entirely (For newer players, this is a (meaningless) random bonus triggered after completing a mission, except Daily, Weekly and Space Race. It is applied differently on keys and scores, can be penalty on one but a bonus on another.)
  • The problem for including “Skill premium” and “Difficulty bonus” in the base score is that other bonuses are stacked on top of them, which dramatically change the gameplay. Especially because of “Weapon virtuosity”, you have to avoid Neutron Gun and Utensil Poker for the entire mission if you want to get the high rank on Daily and Weekly. Assuming you are playing Weekly (or intermediate Daily):

    • You will get normal score + 200% SSH bonus + 50% difficulty bonus = 350% of the normal score on Superstar Hero. If you also win the highest “Weapon virtuosity” bonus (100%), it’s an extra 350% to that, making 700%.

    • Rookie: normal score + 50% difficulty bonus = 150% score, if 100% Weapon virtuosity bonus, this would lead to 300% of the normal score.

    • My main point here is if you switch weapons, you risk losing lives and missing enemies in “Clean sweep” waves, and I don’t think these players deserve to get higher place thanks to the insane “Weapon virtosity” bonus.

  • I also don’t want to merge “Skill premium” and “Difficulty bonus” as they are different things (one is skill and one is based difficulty), however there should be a “:information_source: Hint” button under the Final keys section, to the bottom left of the screen that explains all the bonuses.

Although it’s probably trivial, but I’ll just put this out here. It might be a good idea, who knows.

The mission result bonuses should give an explanation when clicked on/moused over.
Weapon Virtuosity for example:
“This scoring bonus is awarded when you use unpopular weapons during the mission. The score boost depends on how unpopular the weapon has been for the previous week.”

Or ya know, a “?” button that explains the bonuses when clicked on. Would be nice to see it added.

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