Problem with "final" bosses

Just a short topic before I finish my next complaint.

So. CIU has mainly bosses that were present in older episodes. I personally see it as bad thing, because it’s not so great story wise (but someone will say that CI doesn’t have any sense, yet it still tries to have some sense, so I’m not focusing on that) and kind of boring.

The thing is this helped IA have the way to very quickly introduce bosses to the CIU. So they only had to import the boss wave in the CIU as it is the same engine.

The only problem with that is that it really was just a simple import. Right now they had some rework and difficulty skills affect how hard they are, but there’s still something that was left. The “final” boss fights.

Right now we have 3 “final” boss fights in CIU: Yolk Star, The Egg Canon and Henterprise. Now what is the problem with “final” bosses here? The problem is that in CIU there are no final bosses. Everything is random so you can have “final” boss after 1 stage and it makes it not final. And yet, they still have the final boss ending. They have long and big explosions which in older episodes were made to look like it really is the end of them and also they didn’t have any content after so they could last long. In CIU it isn’t like that. There’s no build up to this final boss fight as you can have it the first stage. Things I’d like to suggest:

  1. Delete the big, long explosions from “final” bosses. Enough said.

  2. [optional] Make the actual final bosses have more spectacular ending. It would require to make a rework of every boss, but this way if let’s say for example UCO is chosen to be a last boss you are fighting then it should have the “spectacular defeat” activated. If someone wants to play another mission he/she would wait little more than it is now or they could just click to skip it. People that only play 1 mission and end wouldn’t mind it.

That’s all for today.


So… how chicken multeplicity would end in your vision?

That’s a tough one. If we’re going for 2nd suggestion… maybe… fireworks? I mean, it’s stupid and doesn’t make any sense (and I mean, really NO sense), but maybe it would work?

It wouldn’t.

Here’s a thought for you: Given that the final boſſes are (at leaſt in theory) the hardeſt ones, is it not fitting that they ſhould have the biggeſt exploſions?

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Did you test it? How can you tell?

That’s stupid. So easier should not have any explosions?

According to this discussion all bosses should have each one an exclusive explosion to be fair…

Well, from a technical ſtandpoint it would, but it wouldn’t make any ſenſe or work with the reſt of the game.

Imo, they should retreat if not being the last boss of the mission.

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@Akemisora That’s a clever solution for this, but how about the Yolk-Star™? Second part of this bossfight is after the original boss is blown up.

I have two options for this,

  1. Make it retreat as a yolk, like in cutscene in CI3, but this time it made it to run away.
  2. Make it retreat as a full shelled body (it didn’t explode, it means you won’t fight the 2nd phase)

And as always the hero will say “Hey, come back!”

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That’s what I said. However all CI parts are full of nonsense and sense stuff mixed up. So it could work.


Easy reason, they’re too massive for a brief fight (at least for me), and being defeated by fight like that is a shame.

I don’t agree. If “final” bosses appear in stages other than final there’s nothing that changes when you fight them. So it’s exactly the same difficulty as in final stage, but with my suggestion we remove from them the long explosions. The “final” fight is more difficult so it makes sense to have it end more satisfyingly. Also can we talk about how there are bosses in CIU that retreat? This game doesn’t have any story and there are multiple henterprises, egg canons and yolk stars so why there are boss fights in which bosses retreat?

Given the choices of dying and running away, which would you chooſe?

It’s not a real life, we’re talking about a game. And may I add - a Chicken Invaders game.

If bosses retreat that means there’s only one of the type, but in CIU there are multiple bosses of the same type so it’s kind of contradicts it. And before you suggest to make the “final” bosses also retreat - destroying the boss is more satisfying than letting it retreat so we can’t do that.

I like to see the bloody Yolk Star™ exploding, 'cos it’s like NOW YOU SEE HOW I FEEL!?
I would certainly hate watching it retreat after it killed me 2 o three times.

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