Problem with Utensil Poker

Hello there.
So Last week I died on weekly challenge on my favorite wave because my router decided to turn off (but that’s not important here) and I noticed that my favorite weapon masks the eggs that chicken throw at me.

(picture stolen from the internet to show that the eggs are white)

Problem is that eggs are too white (this is not a good way to describe it in 2019)
So here’s my idea. Let’s make Utensil Poker a little more metallic and without white parts. Also while we’re redesigning it, let’s make a final power level something more pleasant to eyes.

Sorry for crappy visualization. Also sorry @1galbatorix1 for stealing your picture.
Having our forks without white parts will allow us to see chicken eggs and we would have golden forks at max power level.


Gold forks are worth a lot of money so no!!!


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It’s just one disadvantage you have to deal with as it is one of the strongest weapons in the game.


There’s a much simpler way of fixing that problem. Though for some reason I don’t think I should actually post it.

On a serious note, I was thinking about golden forks as well, but I don’t think they’re necessary. IA should just make the forks look more like metal and less like tin foil (I mean, it’s not like tin foil is made out of metal, amirite?) when they remake the design.

Agreed. The weapon is powerful enough as it is.

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