Chicken Invaders Universe 64 bit

I know that right now CIU is 32 bit, but I was wondering if we will get a 64 bit version maybe after release. I mean, for sure you will be making 64 bit versions for Google Play and AppStore right so maybe there’s a chance that windows players can also get 64 bit version?

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I think they said in a Plan Update that they knew Apple stopped supporting 32-bit, and one of the reasons CIU was delayed because they had to re-submit 64-bit version for all previous games, and will likely applied to CIU as well.

Well, perhaps, but why do you ask for that? How would a 64-bit build be better than the 32-bit build?


Well if you only convert it to 64-bit then it wouldn’t be much better, but even then it will help because the app won’t need WoW64 to work.

And if we’re not talking about simple converting you know that you can use the 64-bit architecture to optimize the game even more. (not that CIU needs it extremely, but still it would be better)

One more point - it would look bad if you have 64-bit version on some systems, but on others not.

  • Android - 64-bit
  • iOS - 64-bit
  • macOS - 64-bit
  • windows - 32-bit
  • linux - 32-bit (I guess, because you aren’t forced to make 64-bit apps here)

There is zero benefit in a 64-bit build – and a lot of disadvantages. The game won’t be any faster, but will be larger to download, take up more memory when running, and be incompatible with Windows XP and early releases of DirectX 9.0c (64-bit support was introduced later on).

So, uh… no.

The server is 64-bit, though, if that’s any consolation :smiley:


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