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Hello there!

So… I was asked by @Stardrone to share details of my spaceship look. It was a matter of few screenshots, but I got an idea which could just make it a lot simpler and in fact make it only a ctr+c, ctrl+v.

Few words of explanations:
Spaceship paint data could be made using name and value pairs. So every detail about your spaceship for example exhaust has name (pnt_1) and value (7). I used “pnt_x” names because it’s “paint” without vowels. Also exhaust types can be represented by one digit number so it’s easy to understand.

But what about colors Mr.BlackHole?! There’s so many of them!
Yeah, there are many colors. I didn’t count how many there are in CIU, but in RGB color scheme there are 16777216 colors. Every color can be represented by HEX value.

Now it’s time to load the paintcode that someone sent us. So we just paste the paintcode and click “Load paintcode”.

After clicking “Load” you can see what has changed and how many keys it will cost you. You can also change something you don’t like.

Also in the game, there should be a button that let’s you copy the paintcode, but I don’t know where it should be so I didn’t create a visualization image. Feel free to ask questions.


This thing allows you to set every HEX color by writing it in your code. I don’t remember did IA confirmed HEX field for colors, but it’s unfair in some sort: only those who look into code can change their color to every they want to.

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Well, yeah… But I did it because IA liked @GgWw1175 idea about expanding available colors (On the subject of spaceship customisation) so my idea is compatible with future version.


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