Yet Another Planetary Meeting

Hi. I wanted to make this a separate topic because not everyone checks the chatting place (which I understand).

VerMishelb found the smallest planet I have ever seen in CIU. It’s extraordinary small. This picture is on the max level of zoom.

So, I understand that not many people want to still play that game of meetings, but if anyone’s like me and doesn’t play much (or even at all) then feel free to join (it’s not like you care where are you standing eternally when you don’t play). Maybe someone has too much fuel and wants to lose some.

The location is on the bottom left corner. Here’s the map that VerMishelb uploaded:


I’m here!


Hey guys!

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I’m near there, I’ll be there as soon as possible

Guess who

I’ll keep chilling here while I finish my secret modding project…


me suffering on the bottom of the map:

Have you explored the galaxy 100% yet? You’ll make a profit on it, and if you make sure to visit the wormholes, it makes travel to any location rarely cost more than 1k fuel. Especially with a good engine. :wink:

no because i never went to the left


can someone please send the exact location on the map?

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Just send a contact request to either qbus, Durian, hale, mishelb, Kylo-Hen, or me, locate us on the map, and travel there.


sent to Kylo…

and I’ll wait for it :wink:

also, I don’t think I’m gonna come this time, sorry

I have arrived


Damn that’s cool but unfortunately i am pretty new to this sooo i don’t have much fuel to travel, oh well :frowning:

After a lot of hard work exploring to get money, I am here!!
(dont say that isn’t much work, I used a wormhole from the upper right to go down to bottom right and slowly explore until i reach bottom left, lost my shiny 800 keys and 4 lives)

w o r t h

yes, w o r t h

Proud to be the tenth member of this planetary meeting. Now let’s see how many ships this little planet can accomodate…

Somehow you managed to sound creepy even with that benign a sentence.

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